17th January 2017

Venison Adobo With Green Beans

This is the 3rd dish I made from Scott's catch this hunting season. First one was the venison cutlets and second dish was Venison Stew which I will write about soon. I pretty much just jumped there but please bear with me. I will get to all my dishes eventually. Venison Adobo?? Sure, why not!! Recipe: Venison Adobo With Green Beans Ingredients 1-2 pounds of venison, in medium chunks 1/2 cup soy sauce 1/2 cup vinegar 1tbsp of oil 2 cups of ...
18th January 2016

Pan-Fried Venison Cutlets

A few weeks before hunting season ended last year, Scott finally got a deer. It's nice to have venison in the freezer that's for sure. I've made a few dishes out of our supply of venison meat which includes stew, roast, grilled, and this traditional pan-fried venison dish. I learned this from my mother-in-law years ago so whenever we have venison meat, this is almost like a staple dish to make. Recipe: Ingredients thin venison cutlets 2 cups ...
15th January 2011

Roasted Venison Loin

The venison loin came from my brother-in-law. I actually didn't plan on posting this here since the recipe is really not that special. I just put together a few spices with olive oil then roasted it in the oven. But I changed my mind after I showed my husband how easy it was to slice the loin medallions with my new Yoshi Blade knife which he gave me for my birthday. I was so impressed ...