26th March 2015

Lemon Pepper Chicken W/ Asparagus, Mushrooms, & Spinach

We had this Lemon Pepper Chicken W/ Asparagus, Mushrooms, & Spinach dish last night and Scott said, 'wow, we're really eating greens tonight.' To which I said, we need all the nutrients from the vegetables. Like iron, minerals, and whatever vitamins and nutritional values asparagus, spinach, and mushrooms provide. Sorry, lazy googler here. Of course, there's the chicken for protein. Paired with wild mushrooms couscous, the entire meal was quite scrumptious too if I say ...
29th September 2014

Meatless Monday: Veggie Lo Mein

This Veggie Lo Mein which is perfect for Meatless nights was actually created because I was getting rid of the extra vegetables from the crisper. I had 1/2 bag of sliced carrots, 1 zucchini, a few asparagus, and 1 small head of broccoli florets. It was definitely a delicious way of getting rid of leftover items from the fridge to make room for new ones. And quick too.   Recipe: Veggie Lo Mein Ingredients 2 cloves of garlic, chopped 1/2 ...
6th March 2013

Fruits & “Mini Salad Bar”

Fruits and Vegetables are part of our diet. We eat a lot of fruits and our dinner would be incomplete without the vegetable component. This year and so forth, we aim to eat more fruits and vegetables. My husband and I have also decided to eat more salad. So in this effort, I went gaga on buying fruits then created my makeshift mini-salad bar. We've got strawberries, avocados, tangerines, peaches, apples, grapes, and mangoes. And of course ...
15th January 2013

Sauteed Apples, Green Peppers, & Onions W/ Baked Pork Chops

I'm quite fond of pairing up pork chops with fresh fruits sauteed in a little bit of butter. The natural sweetness from the fruits, like apples and peaches, gives that caramelized flavor enhanced with a bit of salt and pepper as seasonings. The traditional way of serving pork chops with apple is the pork chops & apple sauce combo. Well, I much prefer being able to actually bite into the fruit so I use sliced ...
24th January 2012

Green Beans & Cherry Tomatoes Salad

This colorful and delicious green beans and cherry tomatoes salad was inspired by Food Network’s Giada De Laurentiis green beans salad recipe. While she also had wax beans (yellow) for an added color, I only used green beans and cherry tomatoes to keep it simple for the kids. The dressing is not hard to make either. Print Green Beans & Cherry Tomatoes Salad : Feistycook : Side Dishes ...
30th September 2011

Zucchini Sautéed In Butter & Dried Herbs

This Zucchini Sautéed In Butter & Dried Herbs side dish is hardly a 'recipe' but I've decided a few months ago that I will be better at sharing simpler dishes in my foodblog since that's my mantra around here after all. I for one have a hard time coming up with vegetable side dishes to go along with main entrées on a daily basis. But no matter what, as much as possible, there's always have ...
1st August 2011

Under $20 Goodies From The Local Farmer Vendor

The last time I went to the local farmer vendor I only spent $13. This weekend I spent $16.50 but that's only because of the jar of apple butter. If it wasn't for that I would've just paid $11. Nevertheless, under $20 for the whole thing is still a very good deal. I also didn't mind paying $5.50 on a jar of apple butter because it's all natural unlike the branded versions sold in grocery ...
19th July 2011

Eggplant & Leftover Beef Stir-Fry

I had one eggplant left from the local produce vendor loot so I figured I'd cook it up before it goes bad. I really don't know why I saved that 1 eggplant when I made the pork, green beans, & eggplant curry stir-fry. I was actually craving for tortang talong which I haven't had in a looooong time that I can't even remember the last time I ate some. However, I felt a bit silly ...
15th June 2011

Corn and Black Beans Salad

I mentioned before that I love fresh corn, right? I'll say it again, I love fresh corn. They're perfect as boiled or grilled for grilled meat entries. Or chucked in kernels to cook in lots of butter. Or combined with black beans as a salad dish. Chuck 2 ears of fresh corn. Drain 1 can of black beans. Put the corn and black beans in a salad container bowl. Add chopped scallions, and cilantro. Season with ...
7th June 2011

Salads With Steaks

I've been trying to eat more salad these past few months as part of my healthy diet. I actually do love salads and when I opt for a bowl for dinner, I make sure I still add a bit of protein in it. Like when we had London Broil. While everyone ate the steak as is with a couple of side dishes, I sliced my share then added 'em in a bed of organic mixed ...
24th May 2011

Avocado Cucumber & Tomato Salad W/ Cilantro

Last Saturday, our neighbor Miss Peggy gave us a bag of frozen pork bbq. It's basically the southern shredded pork bbq that she stored in the freezer for future consumption and she was so nice to share some with us. All I had to do was thaw 'em out and season for an added flavor. After thawing, I seasoned the pork with a little bit of oil, apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, garlic ...
26th February 2011

Sauteed Cabbage With Bacon

Yah know, I actually like cabbage but I don't cook with it that often. Unlike the napa cabbage or bok choy which I always use for stir-fries. The regular cabbage?, not the much. Mostly when we're having corned beef brisket or the once every 3(or 5) years stuffed cabbages which I learned from my dear Mother-In-Law. So I grabbed a small head the last time I went grocery shopping to use just for a very ...
28th January 2011

Asparagus W/ Bacon & Tomatoes

My husband teased me when he saw this plate of Asparagus with Bacon because usually, bacon is only a sprinkle. This time around, the bacon is overwhelming. I guess I went overboard when I started chopping the bacon. INGREDIENTS : asparagus a few pieces of bacon, chopped in small pieces 1 tomato, sliced 2 sprigs of scallions, chopped finely 1/4 cup of water sprinkle of garlic powder sprinkle of salt and pepper Brown the bacon on a non-stick pan. Set aside when done. Discard most ...
30th November 2010

Broccoli W/ Crispy Bacon & Toasted Garlic Chips

One of the vegetable side dishes I made for our Thanksgiving Day dinner was this broccoli w/ crispy bacon and toasted chips. It's not that complicated to make. It's actually a good side dish on any given day. You can opt not to add bacon if you want to but since it was Thanksgiving, I decided to add 'em. INGREDIENTS: 3-4 heads of broccoli (separate the florets, peel the stalks and slice diagonally) 5-6 strips of bacon, ...
16th March 2010

Farmer’s Market Goodies: August 15th

  We’ve lived here in NC for about 3 years now but today is the only time I was able to visit the Farmer’s Market in Raleigh. I actually didn’t know about it until a few days ago when my husband informed me of the advertisement on the local news. So we got up early today and headed out to get some fresh produce and meat. I should tell you that the most intriguing ...
10th March 2010


  I’ve always wanted to try Kale and find out how it tastes. I’ve read and heard how it’s one of the most, if not THE most nutritional green leafy vegetable out there. Late last year I started feeling dizzy out of nowhere so my husband suggested that I should eat more green leafy vegetables. So of course I took his advice. Even the one where he said I should take ...