28th November 2011

Cajun Roast Turkey

For our Thanksgiving's main star of the feast, I decided to use a dry-rub to season the turkey with. I went through my dried herbs basked and concocted my own cajun seasoning just like when I made the cajun fried chicken and cajun beef fajitas and tacos. Since I was cooking a 12-pound bird, I had to double the ingredients so by the time I was done rubbing the turkey and stuck it in the ...
27th November 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 : Deep-Fried Turkey

Last year, it was herb-roasted turkey. This year, Hubs cooked our 23-pound turkey outside via the deep-fried method. He first injected it with garlic-butter flavoring, then deep-fried it in peanut oil. It cooked faster than anticipated. Less than 2 hours I think. Click thumbnails to enlarge. The other side of the pot was obviously hotter than the other side. The black part ...