9th March 2017

Ritz Cracker Moon Pies

I saw a video of Ritz Cracker Hacks from Country Living Magazine via Facebook last month and immediately wanted to make them. Too easy and too yummy to pass up. It's perfect to make for parties but seriously though, my sweet cravings couldn't wait that long.   Recipe: Ritz Cracker Moon Pies Ingredients ritz crackers marshmallow cream almond bark(or chocolate chips) Instructions Spread cream filling on one cracker. Top with another cracker. Melt the almond bark or chocolate chips in the microwave. Stir ...
4th March 2016

Vanilla Crinkle Cookies

This is the vanilla version of the chocolate crinkle cookies. Paula Deen's version of the chocolate kind uses cream cheese and cake box mix. Either cookies are yummy and the whole family would love them. I didn't bother taking step-by-step pictures for this one so feel free to just refer to the aforementioned 2 linked recipes. With the obvious changes of course, like these are vanilla and not chocolate therefore the ingredients have slight changes. ...
15th October 2015

Halloween Cake Truffle Balls

There's nothing scary about my Halloween Cake Truffle Balls but they sure are cute in a simple non-creative way. I just wanted to make something to munch on that's not candy since it's Halloween season after all. I also deviated from the usual Halloween cupcakes which I make every year. So these cake truffle balls are just regular white cake base shaped into balls then coated with melted vanilla almond bark with orange food coloring. It's ...
30th July 2015

Blue Velvet Cake Truffles

It has been a while since I made cake truffles/cake balls. I've decided to make some last week and while perusing the baking aisle for a cake mix to make baking easier I saw the new Duncan cake mixes. The blue velvet cake box caught my eye. Blue is my favorite color after all. I've made red velvet cake truffles before so I figured how about the blue version? So blue velvet cake truffles it ...
8th June 2015

Pretty In Pink Meringue Cookies

I've made 3 different kinds of ice cream this season which are Banana Pudding with wafers, Peach(don't add bananas), and Blueberries. That means I also have supplies of egg whites. From the first batch I've made these oh-so-pretty in pink meringue. The second batch my daughter picked blue color. I still have the egg whites from the blueberry ice cream in the fridge waiting to be used. Emma would probably pick a new color for ...
18th July 2014

Grilled Peaches With Vanilla Ice Cream & Honey

I have been looking forward to grilling peaches ever since the Summer season started. I told Scott on July 4th that I wanted grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream and honey. He wasn't really sure about the combination. I guess he's never heard of it before so I showed him the link from Add A Pinch. Unfortunately the peaches from the store weren't ripe enough so it took 3 days before I finally satisfied my ...
12th October 2013

Delicious Peach-Apple Cobbler

What do you do when you have peaches and apples? Make peach-apple cobbler, of course. That's exactly what I did 2 nights ago. Peach Cobbler is a family's favorite but I figured I'd stretch my imagination by combining the peaches with apples. Peach-Apple combo is heaven, especially when you add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Ah, forgeddhaboutit. Warm fruit cobbler with melting vanilla ice cream on top. You'll be forgiven if you ...
9th September 2013

White Sheet Cake With Peach Preserves

The day I made the cheesy baked penne with corned beef I also made this white sheet cake with peach preserves for dessert. This family looks for something after dinner so from time to time I'd indulge by baking a cake or cookies or cupcakes, yah know, those sweet stuff. This is just a regular white cake which I adapted from Food Network's Favorite Recipes cookbook. It's actually a white birthday cake but I added ...
18th July 2013

Tips on Making the Perfect Macaron

As opposed to macaroons, a macaron is a delicate meringue confections made using ground almonds that are sandwiched with cream, chocolate ganache, buttercream and fruit puree. In order to come up with the perfect macarons in Singapore, mentioned below are some tips that you can use. It is worth noting that when making macarons, the older egg whites are much better that the new ones. You must ensure that the egg whites are stored at room ...
11th July 2013

Macarons in Singapore: Adding an Asian Edge to a French Confection

Macarons took the world by storm and it wasn't too long before you could find these delightful French macarons in Singapore. These colourful little confectioneries are a treat to both the eyes and the taste-buds and it's no wonder that they have become the favourites of many Singaporeans. Not everyone has the patience required to consistently turn out perfectly formed well baked macaron. Many have tried, and given up because of the complexity involved. It is probably the ...
30th May 2013

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

I have made chocolate crinkle cookies before using a recipe from Paula Deen but she calls them Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies and the recipe calls for a cake mix and cream cheese. What I have here is very basic and just as delicious as Paula Deen's cookies. Recipe: CHOCOLATE CRINKLE COOKIES Ingredients ½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1 cup granulated sugar ¼ cup vegetable oil 2 eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 cup flour 1 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp salt 1 cup + confectionery ...
14th May 2013

Too Decadent Triple Layer Cookie Bars With Walnuts

When I bought the can of condense milk the last time I went grocery shopping I actually intended to use it for fudgy chocolate chips brownies. I went on a baking a couple of weekends ago wherein I made self-frosting nutella cupcakes and nutella-chocolate chips cookies and thought I'd make brownies too. I decided to hold off on the brownies and save it for when all the goodies are gone. When I finally got to making ...
22nd March 2013

Blueberry Twisted Cinnamon Bread

This is the Blueberry version of the Twisted Cinnamon Bread I've first made back in June 2011. Bear in mind that I made this Blueberry Twisted Cinnamon Bread last month and I'm just writing about it now. I roll like that, I guess... 5.0 from 1 reviews Print Blueberry Twisted Cinnamon Bread : Feistycook : Dessert, Breakfast   Ingredients ...
16th March 2013

Peanut Butter & Oatmeal Cookies

My children are exhausted and hungry after school so I try to make treats like cookies and cupcakes for them to snack on once they're home. I figured sugar rush would activate their energy button so they could do their homework. That, and the fact that we're always looking for something sweet after dinner. We probably should cut back on sweet treats though coz this month alone, I've made chocolate chip cookies one week, then ...
28th February 2013

Custard Caramel Cake

I made my first custard cake in March 2012. I'm quite impressed that it is almost a year before I'd make it again. I actually planned on making a chocolate version but I saw the box of caramel cake mix and I thought, hmm, a layer of caramel base, custard, and caramel cake sounds interesting. So at the last minute I decided on Custard Caramel Cake instead. Yes, you've read it right, a caramel cake ...
27th November 2012

Eggless Bread Pudding W/ Strawberry Jam

I have a loaf of homemade bread that was in danger of going bad coz we're either shy or lazy to slice what we need so we still use store-bought sliced bread. I looked at it earlier today and told myself, 'Self, there must be something you could make out of this bread.' I'd hate throwing homemade bread in a couple of days, yah know. Bread pudding came to mind right away. Then I ...
27th July 2012

Blueberry Muffins

I only found out this week that July is National Blueberry Month. I didn't know that when I made banana-blueberries bread. I couldn't possibly let National Blueberry Month go on without making blueberry muffins, no? I used the recipe from my Reader's Digest Kitchen Secrets cookbook. It's called Best Blueberry Muffins and I definitely agree. Print Blueberry Muffins : Feistycook : Breakfast, Sweets : 4   ...
1st June 2012

Turon de Leche (Banana Roll W/ Dulce de Leche)

I started craving for Turon(banana roll) last Sunday after watching a Filipino sitcom, Tweets For My Sweet, featuring my favorite and very much-loved Fil-Spanish actress Marian Rivera. Tweets For My Sweet is a Filipino version of CBS' hit 2 Broke Girls using of course the Filipino flair, heart, and culture. In 2 Broke Girls, the 2 girls are selling cupcakes while in TFMS, they're selling of course a delicious Filipino dessert treat called Turon which ...