28th January 2017

Pork Sinigang With Tamarind Pods

This is a very late post. If you noticed around the bowl, the table has Christmas decorations. I've completely forgotten about this Pork Sinigang With Tamarind Pods that I made last year when I found them at Walmart back in December. I was really surprised to see them there so I grabbed a pack right away to use for Sinigang. It brought me back to when I was a little girl and how my grandmother, ...
5th July 2016

Knorr Pork Sinigang With Sweet Peppers, Green Onions, & Green Beans

While reading the book, The Butcher by Jennifer Hillier, I thought about spending a whole week in my kitchen cooking Filipino dishes. Pinoy dishes like Adobo which is basically, sort of, the star in the story aside from 'The Butcher' of course were prominent in the story. There were also references to lumpias, champorado, and sinigang. The Butcher is a psychological drama with the Filipino flair thanks to the grandmother of one of the main ...
24th February 2012

Chicken Sinigang

It's raining right now and I've suddenly had the craving for sinigang aka sour soup. I remembered the chicken sinigang I made weeks ago that I've been meaning to write about here but it's just too simple I figured it'll just be taking space. However, I like to build up my foodblog archives so I might as well. When I make sinigang, I usually use pork but it's just as delicious to make it with ...