2nd January 2017

New Year’s Eve/Birthday Feast

We usually order take out on New Year's Eve because it also falls on my birthday but since Hubby and I already went on a lunch date the day before I've decided to cook instead. Plus, I've actually already planned it weeks ahead so cooking on my birthday is definitely something I wanted to do.   Maine entree was Southern Pork Barbecue cooked in the crock-pot.   Steamed fresh green beans with garlic powder seasoning.   Rice, of course and Margaret ...
25th May 2016

Grilled Hoisin Pork Chops

Life is already a bit complicated so let's not make dinner complicated too. Well, at least in the case of this Grilled Hoisin Pork Chops. I mean seriously, it's a 2-ingredient kind of simple dish. This is basically the simple version of the Hoisin Marinated Grilled Pork Cutlets that I already have in the archives. Recipe: Grilled Hoisin Pork Chops Ingredients Hoisin Sauce(just eyeball how much you'll need to marinate the pork) Pork Chops(the more chops, the more hoisin ...
18th May 2015

Chinese Peppered Pork Cutlets

The recipe from the Food Network cookbook calls for pork chops but I decided to use thin cutlets instead. The dish still turned out good and the recipe itself was fairly quick and easy to make. This is one of those easy dishes you'll make when you just want to whip something up without doing to many steps.   Recipe: Chinese Peppered Pork Cutlets Ingredients 1/2 cup soy sauce 2 cloves garlic, minced 4 tsps sugar 2 teaspoons craked bell pepper (I ...
2nd September 2014

Roast Paprika Pork With Apples

September is here and we're heading towards Fall season. Here's a nice and simple weekend dinner to throw into the oven while the family enjoys the cozy weather once it starts cooling down. It's still humid around here but I'd definitely save this recipe for when the temperature drops down considerably around here. The colors just give you that Autumn vibe, no?   Recipe: Roast Paprika Pork With Apples Ingredients 3-4 pounds pork loin generous sprinkle of paprika powder salt and ...
17th July 2014

Slow-Roasted Pesto Pork Loin

You only need 3 things with this Slow-Roasted Pesto Pork Loin. A jar of your favorite pesto sauce(I love Delallo and Classico), 3-4 pounds of pork loin, and patience. Yes, the latter is an ingredient because you'll need that while it's cooking and doing its slow magic in the oven and the aroma envelopes your whole house. Put that fork and knife down and let the pork cook! Recipe: Slow-Roasted Pesto Pork Loin Ingredients 3-4 pounds of boneless ...
26th June 2013

Pork Binagoongan(Fermented Shrimp) With Coconut Milk

In the first recipe of pork binagoongan(Pork with fermented shrimp) that I posted back in April of 2012 I shared that after devouring the food I quickly learned the more authentic ways to cook the dish, thanks to a curious google search. One of these ways is adding coconut milk when cooking. That's exactly what I did here. I still just sauteed small cubes of pork meat instead of big chunks because I was te ...
25th October 2012

Lechon Kawali Ala Dexie

I'm calling this Lechon Kawali Ala Dexie because there's a particular kind of pork cut that's perfect for this dish which I did not use and there's an authentic way to cook lechon kawali which I also didn't follow. First, I think you're supposed to use pork belly. It has just the right amount of pork meat, fat, and skin. Second, after parboiling the pork, let the pork rest for a bit then deep fry. ...
9th September 2012

Savory Pork Chops With Fresh Peaches & Onions

When there are fresh peaches in the fridge expect everyone in the family to ask if Mommy is making peach cobbler. Sometimes Mommy will answer, 'perhaps', and perhaps she'll actually make it. Sometimes she'd rather eat the juicy fresh peaches as is since peach is her favorite fruit. And sometimes when she's not being lazy, she'll actually make cheesecake with peach compote topping. She'd make peach ice cream too someday once she gets an ice ...
30th June 2012

Budget Cooking: How To Stretch A 6 Pounds Pork Shoulder Into 5 Dishes For Family of 4, Part 1

This is the first installment of my Budget Cooking: How To Stretch A 6 Pounds Pork Shoulder Into 5 Dishes For Family of 4 series. The $7.67 pork shoulder is technically 5.99 pounds but I'm just going to round it up to an even 6 pounds. This size of pork shoulder itself is good for either huge family dinners, formal or holiday dinners cooked as: Baked Pork Roast With Dry Rub, Crockpot Cooking: Southern Pork ...
28th May 2012

Pork & Broccoli Stir-Fry

Pardon the simplicity of this pork & broccoli stir-fry but I'm writing about it here because I'm still trying to remember what I put in the marinade of another pork dish that I meant to write about. It's funny how I have a photographic memory on dishes I see on cooking shows or visited food blogs but I can'tr remember my own recipe. I should really start writing down my own recipes. Yah know, using ...
12th April 2012

Spicy Pork Binagoongan W/ Napa Cabbage

Pork Binagoongan is NOT one of the Filipino dishes that I make often. Truth be told, this is probably the 2nd time I've made it in my married life of 14 years. The first time I made it was years ago that I can't even remember the exact year. I do remember though that I turned it into a filling for lettuce wraps. Yup, no rice. My husband would be surprised about this info too. ...
30th January 2012

Pork & Kimchi Stir-Fry

My husband spent a year in Korea a few years back through his career in the Army. He would always tell me stories about the food that he tasted while over there. One of the most famous food Korea is known for is kimchi. They have all sorts of kimichi dishes there in Korea. Kimchi is not just eaten as a side dish. Sometimes people would incorporate kimchi into meat items to create a dish ...
27th January 2012

Crock-Pot Pork BBQ

Crock-Pot Pork BBQ

Just because it’s Fall or Winter doesn’t mean you can’t have that barbecue taste once in a while. Two ways to accomplish that is to cook meat with barbecue sauce in the oven or broiler or take out your crock-pot and let it do it’s magic. A crock-pot pork barbecue is one of the easy dishes you could make in the weekends. Start it early in the morning, leave it to cook for hours so you ...
23rd January 2012

Pork Roast Stuffed W/ Mushrooms & Celery

Instead of going with basic roast pork, I decided to butterfly the pork roast then stuffed it with a filling of sauteed celery and mushrooms. I'm glad I did. Print Pork Roast Stuffed W/ Mushrooms & Celery : Feistycook : Dinner : 5   Ingredients about 3 pounds pork roast 2 tbsp of olive oil sprinkle of garlic powder sprinkle of black pepper ...
17th October 2011

Pork Afritada

I admit, I've never made pork afritda from scratch, ever. I've always used the mix that I buy from the Oriental stores I visit from time to time. My pork afritada is most probably not authentic but hey, I made this thinking of how the dish looks, and anyone who knows a little bit about cooking and have eaten afritada should know that it's a tomato-based dish with potatoes, carrots, some kind of sweet ...
16th August 2011

Pork Roast W/ Fruit Cocktail Juice

The proper Filipino term for this pork roast dish is Pork Hamonado. I actually learned the recipe from my fellow foodblogger Iska. Her version is simmered in a regular pot for hours. I decided to use crock-pot for my version. In a crock-pot, pour water into the pot, then the pork roast.  Add  slightly crushed garlic cloves, bay leaves, black peppercorn, soy sauce, sugar, and the juice of  1 can of fruit cocktail.  Add a sprinkle ...
28th May 2011

Mojito Pork Satay

I've used Mojito in london broil, chicken, and flank steak but never in pork which is quite a surprise coz I prefer pork over any of other meat. I finally had the chance to introduce Mojito to pork a couple of days ago via these pork satay. I used 1 bottle of the 2 Bacardi Mojito bottles left from a 6-pack that I bought last weekend. Cooking with Mojito had always given me great results so ...
17th May 2011

Curry Pork & Potatoes W/ Saffron

I just realized that I became a Curry fiend back in February. I made Curry Pork Tofu and Bok Choy, followed up by Curry Pork & Green Beans Stir-Fry, then the Grilled Curry Pork Chops, and Curry Chicken Wings. I actually have a video of the curry chicken wings and I haven't had time to edit it so I'd post that some other time. Since it's grilling season, I've actually made Grilled BBQ-Curry Chicken ...