2nd January 2017

New Year’s Eve/Birthday Feast

We usually order take out on New Year's Eve because it also falls on my birthday but since Hubby and I already went on a lunch date the day before I've decided to cook instead. Plus, I've actually already planned it weeks ahead so cooking on my birthday is definitely something I wanted to do.   Maine entree was Southern Pork Barbecue cooked in the crock-pot.   Steamed fresh green beans with garlic powder seasoning.   Rice, of course and Margaret ...
30th December 2015

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Dinners

Before the year ends, let me share our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day feasts. Christmas Eve was spent with my brother-in-law's family. Unlike on Thanksgiving Day where there were an abundance of food, we made the Christmas Eve feast simple. Roast Turkey, dinner rolls, mashed potatoes, peas & carrots veggie mix, and chocolate cake for dessert. There was also an apple pie but we didn't get the chance to slice into it. For our Christmas ...
1st September 2012

Food Pictures: Rosettes & Filipino Fruit Salad

I'm always practicing my cupcake decorating skills. Sometimes the frosting looks like how I intended it to look, sometimes it's just total blob. But like they said, practice makes perfect. I'm quite satisfied with my rosette piping here. I have so much room, and I mean much much much much room for improvement but I'll take these for now. When Filipinos say 'fruit salad', especially around the Holidays, they're mostly referring to this fruit salad ...