28th January 2017

Pork Sinigang With Tamarind Pods

This is a very late post. If you noticed around the bowl, the table has Christmas decorations. I've completely forgotten about this Pork Sinigang With Tamarind Pods that I made last year when I found them at Walmart back in December. I was really surprised to see them there so I grabbed a pack right away to use for Sinigang. It brought me back to when I was a little girl and how my grandmother, ...
5th July 2016

Knorr Pork Sinigang With Sweet Peppers, Green Onions, & Green Beans

While reading the book, The Butcher by Jennifer Hillier, I thought about spending a whole week in my kitchen cooking Filipino dishes. Pinoy dishes like Adobo which is basically, sort of, the star in the story aside from 'The Butcher' of course were prominent in the story. There were also references to lumpias, champorado, and sinigang. The Butcher is a psychological drama with the Filipino flair thanks to the grandmother of one of the main ...
26th February 2016

Spicy Sauteed Pork & Bittergourd

There are already 3 recipes in the archives for Sauteed Pork & Bittergourd in this blog. Here's one with tomatoes, and 2 for Sauteed Pork & Bitter Melon W/ Shrimp Paste(2). Why am I posting a fourth one? Because this one has no shrimp paste, it's spicier, AND the pictures are so much better than the previous posts. Yes, I'm THAT foodblogger.   Recipe: SPICY SAUTEED PORK & BITTER MELON Ingredients 1 large pork steak, sliced in cubes 1 sm ...
22nd June 2015

Laing Ala Dexie

For the first time in my Filipino existence I cooked Laing. I could never bring myself to cook this famous dish from the Bicol region in the Philippines because I know it wouldn't be as good as my Uncle Jun's wife's Laing. Then again, she's Bicolana so that pretty much sealed the deal. I was still really young when I tasted her laing while living in the Philippines but I can still taste it vividly. ...
9th June 2015

Chicken “Bistek” With Red Onions

I had a craving for the distinct 'Bistek' flavors a couple of weeks ago but I didn't necessarily want beef. If I didn't run out of pork then I could've made pork steak instead. I had chicken though so I figured chicken bistek would be nice. I've never made one before so why not? I didn't go through the marinating process. I just made the marinade then cooked the chicken with it. It's kinda like ...
9th February 2015

Chicken Afritada With Mini Sweet Peppers

When my in-laws visited us here in NC from NY last year, my MIL introduced me to mini sweet peppers. We picked up a couple of bags of assorted sweet peppers which I added into a chicken and vegetable stir-fry dish that I made for dinner that day. Ever since then I've added the bag of small sweet peppers into my grocery list. I like putting 'em into different dishes. Even ramen noodles. I love ...
16th September 2014

2 Quick Ways To Cook Ampalaya(Bittergourd)

The last time I went to the Oriental store a couple of weeks ago the lady hasn't assembled the ingredients for the Pinakbet pack which I always pick up because it has all the ingredients I need for my favorite Ilocano dish. It's a very convenient bag since I'm the only one who eats it in my family anyway. Considering each vegetable costs more that I'm willing to spend, the Pinakbet pack is just perfect ...
15th January 2014

Lechon Kawali

This is such a late post because I made Lechon Kawali this past Christmas, alongside the roast duck. Well, better late than never plus I belive that Lechon Kawali is good to eat any day, special occasion or not. I have made something similar before actually except I didn't use the pork belly nor did I chill it for a few hours before deep frying. I called it Lechon Kawali Ala Dexie which my husband and ...
5th November 2013

Green Beans & Pork Adobo Stir-Fry

My friend Krisa posted a picture of her green beans adobo dish a week ago that just made me crave and drool for some. It made me think of the adobo long/string beans that I loved while growing up in the Philippines. I had to make it so I did last night for dinner. It was a HIT. My husband's exact words were; 'I don't know what I just ate but that was goooood.' Thank You, ...
26th July 2013

Roasted Goat With Julliened Scallions Kilawen

I was chattin' it up with a few friends on Instagram earlier and someone mentioned an Ilocano(Filipino regional identity kind of thing) dish that reminded me of this roasted goat kilawen that I've made which I haven't written about for Feistycook. It must be because I already have something similar called Goat W/ Lemon, Ginger, and Cilantro dish posted years ago. There's a bit of a difference to it though so I figured, hey, I ...
24th July 2013

Bistek & Spinach Stir-Fry

This Bistek & Spinach Stir-Fry is a twist to one of my favorite Filipino dishes, Bistek, which is basically beef  slices marinated in soy sauce and lemon juice, with onion rings. I decided to give it a little bit of twist by adding spinach leaves into the stir-fry. Instead of slicing the beef as thin cutlets, I sliced the meat in strips.  This is a simple stir-fry dish to serve for lunch or dinner with ...
9th April 2013

Roasted Tofu Vegetarian Pancit

When I make pancit I usually add sliced pork or chicken in it with the veggies. Sometimes with mixed seafood like squid rings, crab flakes, or shrimp. My point is that, my pancit always has a protein component. But lately I've been making meatless pancit especially when it's paired with lumpias(egg rolls) which I also usually make with either ground beef or pork. For a change and a twist one day, I roasted tofu squares ...
20th March 2013

Bistek, Served With Rice & Sauteed Mushrooms

When I decided to take pictures of the process of making Bistek, I thought I was just going to upgrade an old post here at Feistycook with much 'better' pictures. Well, it turns out, I actually don't have one in the archives. I do however have the catfish and pork variations. I could've sworn I've written about Bistek in the past though. It might have been in the previous foodblogs I've written for years ago ...
25th October 2012

Lechon Kawali Ala Dexie

I'm calling this Lechon Kawali Ala Dexie because there's a particular kind of pork cut that's perfect for this dish which I did not use and there's an authentic way to cook lechon kawali which I also didn't follow. First, I think you're supposed to use pork belly. It has just the right amount of pork meat, fat, and skin. Second, after parboiling the pork, let the pork rest for a bit then deep fry. ...
13th July 2012

Sauteed Pork & Bitter Melon W/ Shrimp Paste

The 'fancy' name of this dish is Sauteed Pork & Bitter Melon W/ Shrimp Paste but you can also call it, binagoongang pork and ampalaya. It's basically just a variation of the spicy binagoongang pork with napa cabbage. Because I'm an Ilocana and I love Amapalaya aka Bitter Melon aka Bitter Gourd, I love this version so much better. If Ampalaya isn't sold so expensive in Filipino stores here in the US I'd probably eat ...
22nd June 2012

Catfish Steaks, Bistek Style

My husband is really into fishing so I'm guessing I'll be posting catfish recipes here once or twice a month. Maybe even 3 times a month. I usually make the catfish nuggets for lunch which the family loves the day after his many fishing expeditions. Other catfish dishes that the family likes are Catfish Fillets In Creamy Coconut Milk Sauce, Catfish Spaghetti W/ Garlic-Tomato-Scallions Sauce, and catfish fillets pan-fried in butter. Sometimes my husband would ...
5th March 2012

Baked Orange-Lemon Garlic Chicken

Technically, we have oranges in the house(along with grapes, apples, bananas, and watermelon) because my husband needed the mesh bag that holds the oranges. While going through the pictures of custard cake the other day, I realized that the bowl of oranges is quite prominent in some of the pictures. I thought about how delicious it would be to make orange flavored custard cake too. But I know I probably need to take a break ...
21st November 2011

Pork Steak W/ Onions

Here's a pork adaptation of a much-loved Filipino dish called Bistek(beef steak). This is so easy to make you can whip it up real fast for either lunch or dinner. I'm assuming of course that you already have rice cooked in the rice cooker or leftover rice in the fridge waiting to be warmed in the microwave. The waiting part comes from the marinating process which can take about 30-35 minutes, longer if you're not ...