1st March 2014

Shrimp & Penne In Pesto Sauce

When we were in Cary a couple of weeks ago we saw Ragazzi's while driving out of the mall. Scott and I started talking about the penne and salmon in pesto sauce dish that haunts my dreams every time I think of Italian food and Ragazzi's. I decided to make something similar as part of my bi-weekly meal planning but since I couldn't find fresh salmon I opted for shrimp. It's not basil season yet so ...
20th October 2011

Chicken & Penne Alfredo

I was actually craving for chicken fettuccini alfredo when I made this chicken & penne alfredo dish but realized that I didn't have enough fettuccini in the box. I had a full box of penne though so I used that instead. AND, I didn't have boneless chicken breasts either so I decided to just cut up chicken leg quarters and cook 'em in big pieces like that. I guess I could've deboned the chicken ...
24th June 2010

Penne With Tuna Fish & Spinach

  Here's one way I get my kids to eat their vegetables, add it in a pasta dish. Even though my son went through a phase of being a fan of Popeye The Sailor Man years ago, he never really liked spinach. The 1st time he tried it because he wanted to eat what makes Popeye strong, his face was just priceless. From then on, it's a fight to get him to eat spinach. The only ...
31st May 2010

Penne Alfredo & Capers

  This Penne Alfredo is a very simple and easy to make pasta dish with a bit of kick thanks to the capers.   INGREDIENTS : a box of penne pasta, cooked al dente 1 jar of Alfredo sauce half a jar of water half-a pound of ground beef half a handful of ...