19th January 2017

Chorizo And Leftover Cheeseburger Quesadilla

The Quesadilla night idea we had last week came after I was writing our dinner's menu in my kitchen chalkboard. Unless we're eating either pizza, spaghetti, tacos, or burgers, I always have to make something different for Emma. If this is your first time in this foodblog, my daughter has Autism and she's a bit of a picky eater. It's a texture thing. I get to be creative when it comes to her dinner combos. ...
21st September 2016

Chorizo & Pinto Beans Enchiladas

A different approach with enchiladas using my favorite chorizo and for an added touch, pinto beans. This combination was such a delightful surprise that I can't wait to make it again soon. Seriously, this is really good! Recipe: Chorizo & Pinto Beans Enchiladas Ingredients 1 1/2 cup of salsa 1 1/2 cup of sour cream 2 packs of chorizo 1 can of pinto beans shredded cheddar cheese 6-8 large flour tortillas Instructions In a bowl, combine the salsa and sour cream. Stir them together and ...
8th September 2015

Beef Enchiladas That Will Knock Your Socks Off

I am not claiming that these Beef Enchiladas are the most delicious and most authentic enchiladas you'd ever taste in your whole life but they sure impressed me and my family. These enchiladas which I only thought of making to veer away from the creamy chicken enchiladas that we love were surprisingly exceptionally scrumptious. Sometimes I amaze myself, HAH!   Recipe: Beef Enchiladas Ingredients 1 1/2 pound of ground beef 1 medium onion, chopped 1 1/2 cup of salsa 3 tbsp of ...
14th May 2015

How Do You Serve Your Tacos?

This might be a silly question because really, how else can you serve a taco but by filling a taco shell with the usual taco fixings? What I meant was, do you prefer to serve the fillings in separate bowls and everyone will build their own or do you assemble the tacos beforehand then family members or guests would just pick however many tacos they want to eat? This is one way I serve my tacos. ...
23rd March 2015

Beef & Sweet Peppers Fajita Rice Bowl

When I made beef fajitas the other day I wasn't really feeling the flour tortilla wrap way. I served the family the tortillas but I made mine with rice hence, Beef & Sweet Peppers Fajita Rice Bowl. If you have Spanish rice around then the rice bowl idea would be perfect but I only had cooked white rice so I went with that and you're more than welcome to do the same.   Recipe: Beef & ...
21st February 2014

Dinner At Mi Casita

For Scott's post-birthday dinner tonight we went to what I've concluded as my favorite Mexican restaurant here in North Carolina, Mi Casita. Scott and I have eaten there before for lunch and it was an enjoyable experience. The food is great and I love the space. Unlike other Mexican restaurants we've been to Mi Casita's tables and booths are far from each other that you really get that safe and private ambiance. You don't ever ...
30th April 2013

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Are you getting ready for your Cinco de Mayo party? Here are 15 ideas you could make to make your fiesta even more festive. You don't have to make all of them of course. I personally would pick the 7-layer dip, salmon tacos, pork bulgogi tacos, and mexican lasagna for my own Cinco de Mayo party. Plus Margarita of course. Oh and Tequila shots. Ay Papi! Advance Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Enjoy the dishes and ...
27th April 2013

Beef, Green Pepper, Corn, & Eggs Tacos

When I'm finishing up the last groceries in the fridge I usually make tacos out of meat or leftover veggies. Like these Beef Green Pepper Corn & Eggs Tacos. I had 2 pieces of thin steaks, 1 green pepper, and a little bit of leftover corn from a side dish some other night. I didn't have any shredded cheese left though so I figured I'd make scrambled eggs instead to serve as topping for the ...
23rd February 2012

Leftover Chicken, Salsa, & Green Onions Quesadilla

Besides fried rice, soup, or frittata, quesadilla is what I make to use up leftover meats. Just chopped up the meat, tomatoes, and green onions, then throw 'em on top of a flour tortilla, then bind everything together with shredded cheese on top, and another flour tortilla to finish it. In this quesadilla, I used the leftover southwestern chicken and salsa instead of fresh tomatoes. This is perfect for quick lunch or those weekend munchies ...
22nd December 2011

Buffalo Chicken Tacos W/ Blue Cheese Aioli

If you have leftover buffalo wings from a pizza & wings night or just regular hot wings night, you can easily turn the meat into Buffalo Chicken Tacos. But, if you don't have leftovers and craving for these tacos, here's an easy way to make some. Boneless chicken breasts not necessary. I used chicken leg quarters which worked out perfectly so let me show you how. Print Buffalo Chicken Tacos W/ Blue ...
10th November 2011

Duo Of Tacos: Baked Trout & Leftover Chicken Wings W/ Wasabi Aeoli

These fish tacos are very light because the trout were baked instead of the usual drench-battered cod(or salmon) filet and deep-fried version. I only had 4 baked trout when I made this so I decided to pick the meat off of the leftover chicken wings from a hot wings night to serve a substantial dinner. This would be great for lunch too by the way. At the last minute, I decided to experiment and made ...
24th October 2011

Chicken & Green Peppers Tacos W/ Mango Salsa

A simple chicken & green peppers tacos with homemade mango salsa on top for an added crunch and flavor. I actually wanted to add cut up avocado in the salsa too before serving but I decided to just leave it as it is. No biggie coz the tacos were good without the avocado. Maybe next time, but for now, here's how to make this version. Print Chicken & Green Peppers Tacos W/ ...
28th September 2011

Cajun Spiced Beef Fajitas & Tacos

When I make fajitas or tacos, I usually just season the meat as I cook it. I changed it up a bit the other night by marinating the beef strips in Cajun spices seasonings that I mixed up myself. The entire dinner was really good coz I didn't just serve the beef as fajitas but as tacos as well. My husband slightly toasted the corn tortillas while I cooked the beef with peppers and onions ...
24th June 2011

Chicken & Scrambled Eggs Tacos

I have to say first and foremost that these Chicken & Scrambled Eggs Tacos are so simple yet oh soooo good. If I'm not following my moderation diet, I could've eaten a dozen + 2 of these tacos. These are good for breakfast, lunch, brunch, snacks or dinner. Pick any time of the day and enjoy. Do this hours before cooking dinner. Boil 1 chicken leg quarter until half-way cooked. Put the cooked chicken in a ...
5th May 2011

Mexican Lasagna

The original plan was just the regular tacos but after browning the ground beef then combining it with the refried beans I decided to turn tacos into Mexican Lasagna. I thought I should really create other Mexican dishes to add into the Mexican category here at Feistycook. Thankfully with Mexican dishes, I noticed that take out or add an ingredient or two, you'd still have the same base ingredients yet come up with totally different ...
6th November 2010

Tacos Night W/ Guacamole Minus Refried Beans

What? Tacos without refried beans? Well, I realized I didn't have any refried beans from the pantry half-way into cooking the ground beef. I've already made the guacamole and pico de gallo so I couldn't change the dinner plan anymore. I figured we'd just do without refried beans. Of course, the first thing my husband noticed when it was time to eat was the missing refried beans. This post is only to show that you ...
31st May 2010

Beef & Salsa Quesadilla

In continuing with my experiment to use salsa as an added ingredient in dishes instead of just serving it as a tortilla chips dip, I came up with this beef and salsa quesadilla.   INGREDIENTS: 1 thin steak, cut in strips 1 cup of salsa 1 packet of Cajun Aromatica Organics 1 large flour ...
18th February 2010


My favorite dish to order when going to the Mexican restaurant, La Cocina, is the Fajitas Texanas. Basically, it’s a sautéed goodness of beef, chicken, and shrimp with onions and green peppers. Then you get a side plate of shredded lettuce, Spanish rice, refried beans, sour cream and guacamole (optional). Even though I ordered this dish on Valentine’s Day lunch, I decided to create my own version tonight. Sans the green peppers, ...