14th February 2012

Mushrooms Cabbage Shanghai Lumpias

I made these Mushrooms Cabbage Shanghai Lumpias during Super Bowl along with bacon-peas fried rice and shrimp & veggies stir-fry. I laughed at the irony of cooking Asian dishes on the most American day in America. I'm a 'rebel' that way, I guess. Anyhooo, if you're asking why these are called Shanghai Lumpias or Lumpiang Shanghai, my answer is, I really have no idea. They could just as easily be called lumpias or eggrolls. But ...
13th March 2010


  If you ask any non-Filipino person who has been to a  Filipino party or simple get-together quite a few times  here in America what they’ve eaten at that particular party they’ll tell you the most quintessential Filipino party appetizer. And that’s LUMPIA which is what we Filipinos call our egg rolls.   What's the difference between the Filipino egg rolls compare to other Asian egg rolls? The kind of wrapper used is the big difference. The egg ...