13th May 2014

Chicken In Ginger & Coconut Milk

The combination of ginger and coconut flavors from this chicken dish was delicious. I just wished I made white rice instead of the Knorr Thai Curry Rice that I thought would go nicely with this. The sauce would have been perfect with just plain rice. Oh well, lesson learned. Try making this Chicken In Ginger & Coconut Milk. Serve it with white rice, not any other 'flavored' rice. That's my important tip.   Recipe: Chicken In Ginger ...
18th September 2010

The Adventures Of The Pickled Ginger

Many months ago, I bought a jar of pickled ginger at the Oriental Store in Raleigh. What for? Well, if you eat sushi then you know that pickled ginger are served on the side. I make my own sushi rolls sometimes so I figured I'd copy the Hibachi restaurants by having pickled ginger on the side as well. Just because they're home-made sushi, doesn't mean they can't be Hibachi restaurant-worthy. Unfortunately, I couldn't open the ...
15th March 2010

Miso Ginger Pork Cutlets

  From my last visit to the Pork Butcher, I bought a pork shoulder roast that I was going to cook in a crock pot but later on changed my mind. See, I bought a bottle of Miso dressing that I thought would be a great use for marinating. So I sliced part of the shoulder roast in cutlets and marinated them in a miso-ginger marinade that I mixed with other ...