13th January 2017

Red Potatoes & Chorizo Frittata

Am I obsessed with frittata? At this point I can honestly say, yes I am. Can you blame me? It's the easiest but most scrumptious breakfast or brunch dish anyone could make anytime. Make it for dinner too if you want. Here's my new frittata creation from this past weekend's brunch, Red Potatoes & Chorizo Frittata.   Recipe: Red Potatoes & Chorizo Frittata Ingredients 4 sm red potatoes(wash thoroughly) 1 link of chorizo sausage 2 strings of scallions, chopped 6 eggs 1/2 cup ...
18th May 2014

Feta Cheese Omelet

Feta Cheese Omelet

I made Feta Cheese Omelet for breakfast last Saturday and it was delish. You don't really need much for this. 2 eggs for each person, a little bit of milk, seasoning, sprinkles of feta cheese as fillings, and a little bit more for garnish on top. I'm pretty sure you can make this with other kind of cheeses. Blue cheese, perhaps? If you're not that adventurous, shredded cheddar would do just fine. Recipe: Feta ...
18th July 2012

Food Pictures: BREAKFAST

DISCLAIMER: I am not a photographer. I'm a Mom with a trusted dSLR camera which is Nikon D40 with a 18-55mm and 80-200mm lenses. That's all. So what's this post all about? Well, I realized the other day that I have a lot of food pictures that don't end up being written about. Sometimes I'd post them in Facebook and sometimes they are pictures of dishes or food that I've already blogged about or have ...
14th March 2011

Feistycook VBlog #2: Potato-Bacon Frittata

    The husband was off this past weekend so that meant we were all home to have a nice breakfast/brunch in the morning. I made this quick potato-bacon frittata which came to me while I was still stretching in bed and trying to stay there for as long as I can. And because I was in a good mood, I decided to record a video of it too with the help of my son, as my ...
3rd August 2010

San Marino Chili Corned Tuna Frittata

If you are not familiar with San Marino tuna brand, that's because you can only find it in the Philippines. Filipino stores all over the US don't sell it, YET. I think Dubai has them now but the main place of production is in the Philippines. A Canada-based good friend/resident writer for a Filipino Showbiz blog that I own recently visited the Philippines. San Marino Corned Tuna happens to be one of the product endorsements ...
29th May 2010

Corned Beef Hash W/ Egg For Brunch

  Since I’m really not a breakfast eater during the week (weekends only with the family), my lunch is pretty much a brunch. When there are no leftovers I of course try to make something quick. One of the easy and fast brunch meal I love to make involves a can of corned beef hash and eggs. I try to make it more gourmet (hehe) by sautéing with tomatoes and scallions. ...