8th December 2014

2014 Christmas Cookies

Emma and I baked the sugar cookies on Saturday. We started the process later than I usually do it because we were at the town's Christmas parade, went to the store to get the other stuff I needed, then went to eat lunch at Mi Casita. When we got home about 1pm was the time I made the cookie though but I had to leave it in the fridge to chill for 2 hours. By ...
5th December 2014

Baking Preparations For Christmas 2014

My daughter started talking about baking Christmas cookies today as soon as she got off the bus. She got so excited talking about all the different colors of frosting and cookie shapes. That definitely got me off my holiday funk. I have been feeling crappy all week so I haven't really done anything beyond putting up our Christmas tree and some decors. But when you have an Autistic daughter who finds joy and comfort baking, ...
8th December 2011

Christmas Sugar Cookies For 2011

Making sugar cookies complete with decorations thanks to my mediocre talent is a tradition in my family. It started with my son when he was 5 years old. Now it's with my 5 year old daughter while my 13 yr old son just helps out with the decorating part. This year I made the dough while the kids were with the husband during an appointment for the car, and a haircut for Caine. Actually, ...