17th November 2011

Creamy Beef Linguine W/ Black Olives

Here's something creamy and easy to make beef linguine with black olives pasta dish. I had some leftover Chardonnay from the Nathanson Creek bottle so I figured I'd pour a little bit of it in the sauce too. Generously sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, and serve with cheesy-garlic bread(use shredded mozzarella cheese for a change) on the side for one delicious pasta meal. Print Creamy Beef Linguini W/ Black Olives ...
20th October 2011

Chicken & Penne Alfredo

I was actually craving for chicken fettuccini alfredo when I made this chicken & penne alfredo dish but realized that I didn't have enough fettuccini in the box. I had a full box of penne though so I used that instead. AND, I didn't have boneless chicken breasts either so I decided to just cut up chicken leg quarters and cook 'em in big pieces like that. I guess I could've deboned the chicken ...
26th July 2011

Stewed Pork In Tomato Sauce & White Wine

When I'm cooking with tomato sauce and wine combo, I'm usually using chicken but for a change I decided to use pork the other day. I actually thought I was doing the braised method but my husband called it 'stewed' when he saw the dish so I figured Stewed Pork In Tomato Sauce & White Wine would be a good name for this dish. Heat up oil in a pot, add pork chunks to brown for ...
27th April 2011

Pork Cutlets In Cream Of Mushroom & White Wine Sauce

This Pork Cutlets In Cream Of Mushroom & White Wine Sauce is more like lemon chicken except instead of lemon juice and chicken stock in the sauce or gravy (as my kids call it), I used a can of cream of mushroom and about a cup of white wine. Use whatever leftover white whine you've got. The combination was creamy and delicious with a slight sweet kick in the flavor thanks to the wine. In a ...
1st April 2011

6-Ingredient Braised Chicken With Onions & Mushrooms

This braised chicken with onions and mushrooms is very easy to make and doesn't require that many ingredients. As a matter of fact, besides the little bit of oil to sear the chicken, the main ingredients consist of only 6. Add salt and pepper and you are on your way to a scrumptious dinner. Heat up oil in a pot. Sear the chicken pieces, skin side first, 5 minutes each side. Once seared, take 'em ...
1st February 2011

Cubed Steak-Onions-Peppers-Mushrooms & Cheese Sandwich

I told my husband a week or so ago that we should eat more sandwiches. He replied by reminding me of what I've said years ago which was, 'I'm not a sandwich girl.' Well he's right. I'm not but yah know, right now, I feel like we should eat more sandwiches. It's my prerogative. It's his money, but It's MY kitchen. :D I'm not sure if it's kismet coz when I visited The Pioneer Woman, she ...
20th December 2010

Chicken W/ Chardonnay, Mushrooms, Capers & Saffron

Here's another one of my cooking with wine experimentations in the kitchen. I've cooked chicken with Yellow Tail Shiraz, made lamb neck stew with red wine, chicken in red wine and red skinned potatoes, and mussels in Sauvignon Blanc. This time around I've combined chicken with the Little Penguin Chardonnay along with mushrooms, saffron, and capers. INGREDIENTS: 6-8 pieces of chicken (legs, thighs) 1 medium onion, sliced 4-5 button mushroom, sliced slightly thick 2 cloves of garlic, chopped finely a small ...
25th August 2010

Chicken Cooked In Yellow Tail Shiraz Cabernet

Since I had about a cup and a half left of my bottle of Yellow Tail Shiraz Cabernet, I decided to use it in cooking again. It's almost like habit now that whatever I don't drink from a Friday night ends up in food 2 or 3 days later. I think it's a really delicious habit. Just like the chicken with red potatoes and onions cooked in red wine recipe, this chicken cooked in shiraz ...
15th July 2010

Lamb Neck Bones Stew With Red Wine

I had a little bit of red wine left, then I remembered the lamb neck bones that I grabbed from the grocery store so I decided to make a stew out of them. When I bought the lamb neck bones I initially thought of cooking it as the Filipino sour soup dish called Sinigang but I've used my last packet of Knorr Sinigang mix with pork last week so I figured that combination would ...
17th June 2010

Chicken W/ Red Wine & Red Skin Potatoes

At first glance you'd probably think this is chicken adobo. Trust me, it's not. Besides, I don't put onions in my adobo. Well maybe scallions with the pork & coconut milk adobo but that's about it. This is a chicken dish made with red wine, and a little bit of balsamic vinegar. INGREDIENTS: 6-8 chicken thighs/or legs 1 cup or more red wine 2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar 1 cup of water 1 large onion, quartered 3-4 large red skin ...
9th May 2010

Mussels Cooked In Sauvignon Blanc

  I had a little bit left of Sauvignon Blanc the other day so I decided to use it for the frozen mussels. This is a simple dish to use whatever leftover white wine you have hanging around. Well, you can drink it of course but for a suggestion, you can also use it for cooking. :) INGREDIENTS: 1 bag of frozen mussels (2 packs inside) 1 small ...