20th August 2014

Chicken With Coconut Milk And Ginger

Everything tastes good with coconut milk and ginger. Well, this chicken dish does anyway. It's so easy to make that you'd find yourself making it twice in a week or maybe replace chicken with pork just for meat variety. WARNING, your rice intake might be doubled. There's just no other side dish to eat Chicken With Coconut Milk And Ginger with but rice.   Recipe: Chicken With Coconut Milk & Ginger Ingredients 6-8 pieces of chicken(legs, thighs) 3 tbsp of ...
28th July 2012

Baked Chicken W/ Apricot Preserves & Onion Soup Mix

This Baked Chicken In Apricot Jam & Onion Soup Mix dish is a slightly different variation of a dish called 'Russian Chicken.' The reason it's a variation is because I used Italian dressing instead of Russian dressing which I didn't have in my pantry. Another modification I made to this dish is giving the chicken time to marinate in the sauce for about an hour instead of just pouring the sauce over the chicken then ...
24th June 2011

Chicken & Scrambled Eggs Tacos

I have to say first and foremost that these Chicken & Scrambled Eggs Tacos are so simple yet oh soooo good. If I'm not following my moderation diet, I could've eaten a dozen + 2 of these tacos. These are good for breakfast, lunch, brunch, snacks or dinner. Pick any time of the day and enjoy. Do this hours before cooking dinner. Boil 1 chicken leg quarter until half-way cooked. Put the cooked chicken in a ...
13th June 2011

Honey Mustard Chicken & Red Potatoes

I had a little bit of leftover of the Kraft Honey Mustard barbecue sauce that I used with pork chops a few days ago so I decided to use 'em all up with the chicken. I pretty much just used adobo as the basis of how I made this Honey Mustard Chicken & Red Potatoes. While adobo is a balance of salty and sour, this chicken dish is sweet and tangy. Heat up oil in a ...
27th May 2011

Braised Chicken In Raspberry Vinaigrette W/ Broccoli

I have this affinity for incorporating salad dressing in some dishes. I love the tangy Italian dressing added in bbq sauce which I've used with chicken and ribs. In this particular dish, I decided to use whatever I have left of my new favorite salad dressing, light raspberry vinaigrette that I bought at Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago. I've used it in the Stuffed Tortellini & Broccoli Slaw Pasta Salad W/ Raspberry Vinaigrette and ...
8th September 2010

Chicken And Mushroom Pot Pie

A week before moving to the new house, I decided to make my first ever chicken pot pie. Thankfully, it turned out well. This dish was pretty much our Last Supper in the old house. After this, we ate fast food and take-out foods until about 4 days ago when I finally finished unpacking everything for the new kitchen and was able to cook our first home-cooked meal in our new place. Before I share ...
25th August 2010

Chicken Cooked In Yellow Tail Shiraz Cabernet

Since I had about a cup and a half left of my bottle of Yellow Tail Shiraz Cabernet, I decided to use it in cooking again. It's almost like habit now that whatever I don't drink from a Friday night ends up in food 2 or 3 days later. I think it's a really delicious habit. Just like the chicken with red potatoes and onions cooked in red wine recipe, this chicken cooked in shiraz ...
13th March 2010


  Sesame Chicken is probably the most popular dish we love to eat when going to Chinese Restaurants or Buffets. In my case, when I really like something, I try to learn how to make it in my own kitchen. If you are interested in learning how to make Sesame Chicken, today is your lucky day. So let’s get to it.   INGREDIENTS: Marinade 3-4 pieces ...
9th January 2010

Baked Chicken Caldereta

Whenever I visit the Filipino/Asian store nearby, I always grab a few packs of different mixes. Mostly I grab caldereta, menudo and sinigang mixes. I don’t live in the Philippines so the mixes are the closest to I have in tasting caldereta, menudo and sinigang dishes. There are also adobo, pansit, stir-fry, and tocino mixes but I don’t buy those coz I can make those dishes with my eyes closed without the ...