9th April 2012

Mushrooms & Onions Topping On Turkey Burgers

I decided to add a twist to the turkey burgers that I made the other night for dinner. Why? Because I like to twist things... I think I've used that joke before in one of the recipes here. It wasn't funny before, and it's not funny now. Whatevs, I'm still adorable. *AHEM*. Anyhoooooo, so back to the turkey burgers. The patties were from Food Lion. They were already formed into perfect rounds so you can just ...
6th July 2011

4th Of July Double-Cheese Sliders

I made these sliders for our 4th of July feast. They're just like burgers but in smaller sizes that are just too cute to eat. Well, of course we ate them but they're just cute as buttons I couldn't help but admire my masterpiece, before I devoured one after another, and another. In a bowl, combine the 2 1/2 pounds of ground beef(chuck or round, your choice), 1 egg, 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar cheese, ...
6th December 2010

Bacon & Feta Cheese Burger

Along with the black and blue burger that my husband made this past Saturday, he also made Bacon & Feta Cheese Burger. We got a good deal from Food Lion on the Crumbled Blue Cheese and Feta Cheese. 2 for $5 so we got both and Hubs made 2 kinds of burgers. I love it when he makes burgers for dinner coz he's soooo good at making patties. Perfectly round shaped patties that are ...
20th June 2010

Turkey Burger With Pimiento Cheese

  My husband made lunch yesterday and he made Turkey Burgers with Pimiento Cheese. I contributed by putting the curly fries on a sheet pan, then sticking it in the oven to cook. He's sooo good at making patties. They're always in perfect round shape. He has taught me over and over again on how to make patties but I can never get it right. Maybe I'll shoot a tutorial video next time he makes burgers. ...
12th June 2010

Turkey Burger W/ Broccoli Slaw

I found these 4-pc pack of wheat rolls at Wal-Mart and thought they would be really good as burger buns. At first, my husband wasn’t too sure about it but then I told him my idea of adding coleslaw on top of the patties so I was able to convince him in the end. We both decided ground turkey would compliment wheat rolls and coleslaw. INGREDIENTS: 1 and 1/2 pound of ground turkey 1 small ...
13th March 2010

Black and Bleu Burger

When you hear the term “black and blue”, it conjures an image far far away from food, right? Well, today might sort of change that. My husband made his Black & Blue Burger and as usual it was great. “Black” comes from the blackened beef patties, while “blue” comes from blue cheese. INGREDIENTS: 2 pounds of ground beef sprinkle of dried oregano sprinkle of dried basil sprinkle of salt 1 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce 2 tbsp of Zatarains’ Blackened seasoning Crumbled blue cheese tomato ...
3rd February 2010


Burger King’s  Burger King Double Stacker is currently my favorite from BK these days. That bacon is really good. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a Junior Whopper kind of girl hehe. But yeah, Burger King Double Stacker is good. We do indulge on fast food burgers once in a while, especially when out on errands and we had to grab something quick. However, as much as possible, we like making burgers ...