13th January 2017

Red Potatoes & Chorizo Frittata

Am I obsessed with frittata? At this point I can honestly say, yes I am. Can you blame me? It's the easiest but most scrumptious breakfast or brunch dish anyone could make anytime. Make it for dinner too if you want. Here's my new frittata creation from this past weekend's brunch, Red Potatoes & Chorizo Frittata.   Recipe: Red Potatoes & Chorizo Frittata Ingredients 4 sm red potatoes(wash thoroughly) 1 link of chorizo sausage 2 strings of scallions, chopped 6 eggs 1/2 cup ...
27th March 2015

Try This Salmon & Potatoes Frittata For Weekend Brunch

We enjoyed this Salmon & Potatoes Frittata for brunch last Saturday. Now it's your turn to make it and enjoy with your family this weekend too. It's very easy to make just like the other frittata recipes you can find in this blog. Do not worry about not having any leftover salmon fillets from the night before because the wild salmon in a can is perfectly fine.   Recipe: Salmon & Potatoes Frittata Ingredients 7 eggs, beaten 2 medium red ...
3rd July 2014

Onions-Spinach-Mushrooms-Cheese Omelette

I made this Onions-Spinach-Mushrooms-Cheese Omelette 2 Saturdays ago. Thankfully, making this omelette doesn't take as long as blogging about it, HAH! This is easy peasy so let me show you. Recipe: Onions-Spinach-Mushrooms-Cheese Omelette Ingredients 6 eggs(2 for each person) 3/4 cup of milk salt and pepper for seasonings 1 bunch of spinach(chop the stalk and wash thoroughly) 2 tbsp of oil 1 sm onion, sliced 1 sm can of mushrooms, drained(or use 4 fresh ones) your choice of shredded cheese butter for cooking the ...
18th May 2014

Feta Cheese Omelet

Feta Cheese Omelet

I made Feta Cheese Omelet for breakfast last Saturday and it was delish. You don't really need much for this. 2 eggs for each person, a little bit of milk, seasoning, sprinkles of feta cheese as fillings, and a little bit more for garnish on top. I'm pretty sure you can make this with other kind of cheeses. Blue cheese, perhaps? If you're not that adventurous, shredded cheddar would do just fine. Recipe: Feta ...
18th March 2014

French Toast With International Delight White Chocolate Macadamia Creamer

I've forgotten about this French Toast I made in February. I was going to write about peanut butter and chocolate marbled brownies today but I opened a wrong folder and the pictures of this french toast came up. If I remember it right these were really good thanks to the flavors of White Chocolate Macadamia from International Delight creamer. I distinctly remember also that this was the best french toast I made so far because ...
17th June 2013

French Toast (With A Hint Of International Delight Heath Creamer)

When I baked a new batch of bread on Friday, I saved the loaf for the French Toast that I planned on making for Sunday's Father's Day brunch. Making French Toast is really not that hard. You can use whatever regular bread you have but Challah bread seems to be the favorite kind. Once you star making your own bread at home, you could just as easily make French Toast anytime you want. Well, a ...
6th May 2013

Cinnamon Raisins Thin Bagel Egg-Bacon-Cheese Sandwich + Mixed Fruits

I love breakfast bagel sandwiches. I have a blueberry bagel sandwich with egg, bacon, cheese, and cream cheese in the archives. It's a family's favorite. However, I've always thought bagel sandwiches would be so much easier to bite into if the bagels aren't so thick. So when I found a Thomas thin bagel in the bread aisle I was like, HALLELUJAH. That's the pack of cinnamon raisins thin bagels. There are other flavors of course. ...
18th December 2012

Better Oats

If you've been Feistycook's avid reader you'd know that I'm not a breakfast eater. I'm more of a brunch kind of girl. But I make sure I keep up with our occasional weekend breakfast when my husband is off from work. It's always more fun to have huge breakfast of bacon, eggs, hashbrown, or pancakes, or waffles when everyone in the family is present, just as it is required in our family to eat dinner ...
27th July 2012

Blueberry Muffins

I only found out this week that July is National Blueberry Month. I didn't know that when I made banana-blueberries bread. I couldn't possibly let National Blueberry Month go on without making blueberry muffins, no? I used the recipe from my Reader's Digest Kitchen Secrets cookbook. It's called Best Blueberry Muffins and I definitely agree. Print Blueberry Muffins : Feistycook : Breakfast, Sweets : 4   ...
18th July 2012

Food Pictures: BREAKFAST

DISCLAIMER: I am not a photographer. I'm a Mom with a trusted dSLR camera which is Nikon D40 with a 18-55mm and 80-200mm lenses. That's all. So what's this post all about? Well, I realized the other day that I have a lot of food pictures that don't end up being written about. Sometimes I'd post them in Facebook and sometimes they are pictures of dishes or food that I've already blogged about or have ...
11th July 2011

White Chocolate Chips Pancakes

White Chocolate Chips Pancakes

I love white chocolate as much as I love dark chocolate. But I sure cook with white chocolate more than I do with the dark kind. I prefer eating dark chocolate as is as oppose to the white chocolate which I would put in everything if I could. Well, perhaps not really everything but on cheesecake, brownies, and pancakes. Behold, these White Chocolate Chips Pancakes. In a large bowl, combine flour, baking powder, salt and nutmeg. ...
14th March 2011

Feistycook VBlog #2: Potato-Bacon Frittata

    The husband was off this past weekend so that meant we were all home to have a nice breakfast/brunch in the morning. I made this quick potato-bacon frittata which came to me while I was still stretching in bed and trying to stay there for as long as I can. And because I was in a good mood, I decided to record a video of it too with the help of my son, as my ...
15th October 2010

Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit Sandwich

Turn the usual eggs, bacon, and biscuits breakfast into a breakfast sandwich instead. Really nothing to it. Pick whether you want an individual fried egg on each biscuit sandwich or whisk all the eggs (5-6) then make an omelet to be cut in 8 squares. 8 if you have 8 biscuits. Of course you'll have to whisk more eggs if you have more than 8 biscuits. INGREDIENTS: Jumbo 8-piece butter biscuits 5-6 eggs 1/2 cup of milk butter for ...
3rd August 2010

San Marino Chili Corned Tuna Frittata

If you are not familiar with San Marino tuna brand, that's because you can only find it in the Philippines. Filipino stores all over the US don't sell it, YET. I think Dubai has them now but the main place of production is in the Philippines. A Canada-based good friend/resident writer for a Filipino Showbiz blog that I own recently visited the Philippines. San Marino Corned Tuna happens to be one of the product endorsements ...
29th May 2010

Corned Beef Hash W/ Egg For Brunch

  Since I’m really not a breakfast eater during the week (weekends only with the family), my lunch is pretty much a brunch. When there are no leftovers I of course try to make something quick. One of the easy and fast brunch meal I love to make involves a can of corned beef hash and eggs. I try to make it more gourmet (hehe) by sautéing with tomatoes and scallions. ...
4th May 2010

Chocolate Pancakes

Chocolate Pancakes

Chocolate pancakes are always a hit in my house. It’s really no surprise because chocolate is always a good thing and definitely a favorite in my household. Using the same basic pancakes recipe from the orange marmalade pancakes I’ve shared before, here are the chocolate pancakes. INGREDIENTS : * 2 cups flour * 2 tbsp sugar * 4 tsp baking powder * 1 tsp salt * 2 eggs * 1 1/2 cups milk * 1/4 cup vegetable oil or melted butter * a cup of ...
30th March 2010

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

Something fruity and crunchy are added into pancakes to make it interesting for breakfast. Besides making the basic recipe for pancakes, I had to make the apple-cinnamon filling separately. INGREDIENTS : (pancakes) * 2 cups flour * 2 tbsp sugar * 4 tsp baking powder * 1 tsp salt * 2 eggs ...
16th March 2010

Orange Marmalade Pancakes

Orange Marmalade Pancakes

  I love orange marmalade. If I could eat a jar of it in one sitting I would. But we all know that wouldn’t be healthy. So if I could incorporate it in dishes  sometimes, I always do. Like these orange marmalade pancakes.   INGREDIENTS : 2 cups flour 2 tbsp sugar 4 tsp baking powder ...