7th January 2014

The Accidental Pink Chicken Adobo

When I made this chicken adobo I wasn't at all experimenting to come up with another way to present adobo. It was purely accidental how this pink adobo version happened. While assembling the ingredients for the chicken adobo a couple of days ago I realized too late that I ran out of fresh ginger. I was just going to forget about it and continue on but then I remember the jar of pickled ginger sitting in ...
12th September 2011

Pork & Chicken Wings White Adobo In Apple Cider Vinegar

I am familiar with white adobo but I've never really cooked it. I've always made my adobo with soy sauce. While going through chicken recipes 2 weeks ago for my weekly link love, I stumbled upon the Adobong Manok sa Patis(Chicken Adobo in fish sauce) recipe from The Cook's Mobile. The recipe inspired me to make my own white adobo but I didn't have any fish sauce which was just fine coz I was just ...
19th October 2010

Baked Chicken Coconut Adobo

This Baked Chicken Coconut Adobo was inspired by 2 adobo dishes. The baked chicken wings adobo and pork adobo with coconut and scallions. I basically just took elements from each style of adobo and put it all in one dish using chicken thighs and legs. Did it work? Hell Yeah! You can never go wrong with adobo unless of course your burn it, heh. INGREDIENTS: 5-7 chicken pieces (thighs, legs) 1 1/2 cup of flour 1/2 cup ...
19th July 2010

Baked Chicken Wings Adobo

I have cooked chicken wings adobo the way I would cook pork adobo. Same method, just different meat, with minor changes in cooking time. This turns the chicken wings so tender that most of the meat falls completely off of the bones. Well one time, I wanted to actually have the wings. I mean finger-licking good adobo wings where I could actually hold a chicken wing in one piece. I found a way ...
2nd March 2010


In some regions of the Philippines, coconut milk is one of the ingredients in the dish called ADOBO which happens to be one of my favorite Filipino Dishes. It’s either in pork or chicken. Pork is my pick any day. Anyhoooo, in my cooking years, I’ve never made adobo with coconut milk until a week ago. I finally opened my new Aroma digital rice cooker to cook rice, of course after not eating rice for ...