2nd July 2008

Lapis #1 : Grilled Chicken

Here is my first foray in La.Pi.S, short for Lasang Pinoy Sundays. Good timing for me to discover about it too from JMom coz I was just thinking the other day that I should start posting my grilled recipes here. Summer is for grilling after all :). So here's my 1st Entry for La.Pi.S with the apropos theme of GRILLED. Recipe after the fold.... As always, parboil the chicken pieces. When ...
1st July 2008

Magic Bullet Platinum Pro

Whenever I'd wake up on the weekends, flipped channels on the Telly coz I'd want to continue savor a quiet moment in bed, an infomercial of Magic Bullet comes on. Then I'd fantasize about making all the stuff they're making with my own Magic Bullet. Salsa, fruit drinks, margaritas, dips, etc, and right in the nick of time. But alas I didn't have one. So back to fantasizing. Until a couple of months ...
28th June 2008

Pork & Mushrooms Dumplings

My obsession with Pork Dumplings which is also known as Pot Stickers came about while watching Food Network's Throwdown With Bobby Flay. This is where he gets missions to compete with the best connoisseurs cooks in America in their own specialties. That particular episode, Bobby Flay competed to make the best Pork Dumplings. I've never made them myself and was actually never interested in learning until that one fine day. Especially after seeing how ...
27th June 2008

Chicken Adobo

I love garlic and ginger but I have a son who's really not into those things so what I do is chop the garlic and ginger very very fine. Too small that he doesn't recognize 'em. The taste is there of course. He doesn't mind it as long as he doesn't see it. Imagine that. In a pot, heat a little bit of oil, add the chicken pieces and brown slightly. Add ...
27th June 2008

BLT W/ Fried Egg Sandwich

This BLT W/ Fried Egg sandwich idea was taken from an Adam Sandler movie, Spanglish. And don't worry, this is an archived picture. This was made way before the 'Attack of the tomatoes' came about :). I'm just reminiscing coz I'm craving for a good BLT sandwich but you can't  have BLT without tomatoes. Gosh Darn it. Technorati Tags: BLT,Tomatoes,BLT Sandwich,Sandwiches,Lunch
10th June 2008

The purple ice cream

Actually, in the Philippines this is called Ube ice cream. It's made of sweet purple yam. I bought a half-gallon months ago when I bought my new wok at an Oriental store in Raleigh (NC). It's delicious and the whole family loves it :). Technorati Tags: Ube Ice Cream,Purple Ice Cream,Magnolia Ube Ice Cream,Filipino Ice Cream Flavor,Filipino Desserts
7th June 2008

Hot Chicken Wings

We love our hot chicken wings night. My wings are better than any pizza place's wings. As I've been told many many times, by my husband. He's pretty much the only one who likes HOT spicy wings as much as I do.. INGREDIENTS : 2 packs of chicken wings flour for drenching (about 2 cups) salt and pepper vegetable oil for deep frying SAUCE : Texas Pete Hot Sauce 2 tbsp of butter 2 packs of chicken wings usually comes with 6 full wings ...
1st June 2008

My New Kitchen Aid

I've been wanting my own Kitchen Aid for a very long time. So when Hubs asked which would I prefer for our 11th Yr Anniversary, a new set of rings or a Kitchen Aid?, I had a little bit of dilemma. But as you can see, Kitchen Aid won :). I love kitchen gadgets more than jewelry..LOL. Well this time anyway. I got my tennis bracelet on my birthday so I didn't mind getting a ...
1st June 2008

Mango Salsa From The Lasang Pinoy Bento

I promised my friend Mai I'd send her my Mango Salsa recipe that was featured on the Bento Box I made for Lasang Pinoy 25 so here it is. It's quite easy really. Ingredients : ripe mango tomatoes onions sprinkle of red pepper flakes salt & pepper sprinkle of cilantro Chop mango, tomatoes, onions and cilantro, finely. Mix everything together, season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with red pepper flakes for a little oomph :). Voila. Perfect side condiment for grilled seafood.
1st June 2008

Sushi Platter

My husband and I love to indulge in our Sushi Platter every weekend. The green stuff by the way is wasabi mayonnaise. We LOVE it. Find it from Oriental Stores. It's in mayonnaise jar, called, Dynasty Wasabi Mayonnaise. If you don't find it in the shelves, it might be in the fridge. Yes, Oriental stores usually have a couple of refrigerators in their store to keep frozen Asian goodies :).
1st June 2008

FeistyCook Introduction -Again-

Hello once again. Thanks for being patient with me. I apologize for taking such a long time to bring back my foodblog. Let's just say, I have been fighting with technical problems. Just for a refresher, I have had my own foodblog the same time I started 'journalling' online. Way way back in '99. Before, my recipes were part of a personal website. I didn't have my own foodlbog domain until I think 2002? It has ...