feistycook-image1 Welcome to my kitchen. I’m Feistycook, and this is my personal foodblog. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. Recipes you will find here are nothing fancy. Dishes posted in this foodblog are what I make for my family on a daily basis.

I make simple, easy and delicious home-cooked meals. I also love kitchen and cooking gadgets so expect a lot of them featured here from time to time. I learn recipes from cookbooks, food shows, friends, family members,and online resources. I like to modify recipes to suit my taste and I also love to experiment with different ingredients. I’m an eyeballer. That means I don’t measure ingredients unless it’s really necessary(i.e baking pies, cookies, cakes). My Foodblog has been around since 2005 but because of domain changes and moving to another webhost, old recipes are gone. I’ll be posting them again of course as this new site progresses.

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