28th February 2013

Custard Caramel Cake

I made my first custard cake in March 2012. I'm quite impressed that it is almost a year before I'd make it again. I actually planned on making a chocolate version but I saw the box of caramel cake mix and I thought, hmm, a layer of caramel base, custard, and caramel cake sounds interesting. So at the last minute I decided on Custard Caramel Cake instead. Yes, you've read it right, a caramel cake ...
10th August 2012

Ramen Noodles, 2 Ways

Ramen Noodles, they'll satisfy you for a quick and easy lunch, or fill you up with all the fixings for a warm and cozy dinner. Last week, without hesitation, I had ramen noodles in 2 ways on separate days. First one was for a qucik pick-me-up lunch, then for a hearty dinner the following day. Both ways had the same component of eggs, cooked different ways as well. One meal was broth-less while the other ...
3rd May 2012

Mini Rotelle Cold Pasta Salad W/ Cheese & Sunflower Seeds

Summer means a lot of things. One of them is making cold pasta salads. I suppose it's ok to make them during winter too but it is usually during the Summer that I get to indulge in whipping up different kinds of cold pasta salads. They'd go with any grilled meat entrees, including kebabs, satays, burgers, just to name a couple. Pasta salads prefect to serve as side dishes during the summer parties in the ...
26th April 2012

Salads, 2 Ways

I actually 'made' this fruit salad very early on this month but I neglected to post it here since I already posted it in my Facebook and Twitter. I got so excited to show off what a beautiful fruit salad I 'made' that I forgot where it was intended for. Anyhoo, I said 'made' coz there's really no making process that went on. All I did was buy watermelon, grapes and strawberries, cut the watermelon ...
12th April 2012

Spicy Pork Binagoongan W/ Napa Cabbage

Pork Binagoongan is NOT one of the Filipino dishes that I make often. Truth be told, this is probably the 2nd time I've made it in my married life of 14 years. The first time I made it was years ago that I can't even remember the exact year. I do remember though that I turned it into a filling for lettuce wraps. Yup, no rice. My husband would be surprised about this info too. ...
22nd March 2012

Catfish Fillets In Creamy Coconut Milk Sauce (Ginataang Hito)

I had 9 full ziploc bags of catfish in my freezer after my husband's fishing trip last Thursday. So far I've made creole catfish nuggets out of the stomach fillets. The other night I cooked up another bag of the fillets by simmering the fish in coconut milk. It was soooo good. Anything simmered in coconut milk always turns out well, right? This Catfish Fillets In Creamy Coconut Milk Sauce is not an exception. I adapted ...