15th May 2010

Lasang Pinoy Sundays: Kitchen Tools/Gadgets You Want

Rachael Ray Stoneware   Not that I need any more kitchen gadgets or tools anytime soon but I’ve been wanting Rachel Ray’s Stoneware set for a while now. I watch her using them in the Food Network show 30-Minute Meals and I think the stoneware are not only very cleverly designed, they pretty too. It comes in different sizes, colors and each is meant ...
17th April 2010

Chocolate Cupcakes W/ Coconut Buttercream Frosting

I actually bought the bag of coconut flakes for macaroons after I saw Ina Garten’s recipe on Food Network. I love macaroons and when I first made some years ago, it didn’t look like macaroons at all. That means they were an EPIC Fail. But I learned what I did wrong while watching Ina make her macaroons so I was definitely ready to redeem myself. Too bad that when I started to assemble the stuff ...
6th March 2010


I saw a pack of Zatarain’s Fish Fry Mix at the store so I figured I’d try it with the pretty looking  salmon I bought at BJ’s. Something for a change. Fish Fry usually uses cod or haddock but I decided to be “fancy” and used salmon instead. INGREDIENTS: salmon, sliced in quarter fillets 1 pack of Zatarain’s Seasoned Fish Fry Breading Mix oil for deep frying 1 egg and 1/2 cup of milk mixture (per mix’s instructions) Heat the oil ...
20th February 2010


Lasang Pinoy, Sundays theme this week is ROLLED. It worked out perfectly coz I have this stuffed pork roast with spinach and mushroom ready to roll, so to speak ;) . This pork started as a pork loin. I cut it in half without going all the way to the bottom, and then butterflied the sides to get a flattened pork plank, pretty much. Once that’s done, stuffing it with anything you like is a ...
23rd January 2010


When I bought the jar of Nutella last weekend I made a vow (yes I did) that part of the Nutella will be made into cupcakes. I’ve always planned to do that whenever I buy one but it never gets that far. Darn those nutella sandwiches and occasional spoon licking. Well, I finally made self-frosting nutella cupcakes and golly they were so beautiful and delicious. This self-frosting nutella cupcakes recipe was adapted from Connie of Pinoycook ...
13th June 2009

Lasang Pinoy, Sundays : Alcohol

Lasang Pinoy, Sundays : Alcohol

This week's Lasang Pinoy, Sundays theme is quite apropos for has transpired for the last week regarding this blog. After being going for a week due to database error, which put me in funk state, it's back today. Alcohol could be taken when you're trying to relax from a stressful day, or if you're celebrating. Here I am celebrating for getting my blog back. You have no idea how stressful I ...
21st December 2008

Kitchen Gadgets : My New Rolling Pin

Before I made our Christmas sugar cookies I knew I had to buy a new rolling pin. My old rolling pin which I've had for almost 5 years had seen it's last days. The last time I used it was when I made the sweet potato pies this past Thanksgiving. It was wood, small,  and needed an upgrade. This new rolling pin has a non-stick surface, easy to roll and bigger than ...
14th September 2008

LaPiS #7 : Colorful : Assorted Sweets

The new edition of LaPiS touches on the theme COLORFUL. I originally planned on making some sugar cookies in different shapes using my 8 various cookie cutters that I bought from the $ store but today got so hectic and down right weird that my sugar cookies turned into thin shortbread chocolate chip cookies. I didn't realize I'm out of flour. Ah, time to really hit the store and stock up the pantry again. ...
31st August 2008

LaPiS #6 : Creamy : Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo

This week's LaPiS theme is CREAMY. I made this chicken fettuccini alfredo dish a few nights ago but I thought I'd wait to post it for this Sunday's theme. Talk about Creamy goodness full of carbohydrates...LOL. Hey, there's protein in the chicken, right? :) Step by step process will be posted tomorrow or sometime next week. I'm tired and I just want to lay down in the couch, flip on the September ...
25th August 2008

LaPiS # 5 : Breakfast | 1st Day Of School

The new theme for LaPiS is Breakfast. I wasn't able to participate in the 2 previous ones coz either I couldn't think of a picture or I just didn't have time. The past 2 weeks have been too busy for me. Well, today is the first day of school. I don't usually cook breakfast during the week (cereals, anyone?). Weekends is when the whole family all sit down in the dining table and ...
22nd July 2008


For this week's theme of LaPiS, we're featuring the texture of SOFT. I must admit that the entire weekend I couldn't find a picture of any dishes that I could enter for this theme. by Monday  I've decided to pass on this week's installment. I just actually made this baked sweet potato as a side dish tonight and as I was cropping the pictures an epiphany came to me. 'Oh wait, the ...
13th July 2008


This week's LaPiS theme revolves around the flavor SOUR. Interestingly enough, the 1st Lasang Pinoy installation covered your favorite filipino food, or something like that. One of my entries (ILOCANA Chef) were something sour. Pork Sinigang. A filipino soup with sour broth thanks to Mama Sita's Sinigang sa Sampalok mix. In translation, a sour soup thanks to a tamarind based soup mix. :) I make sure I stock up on my ...
6th July 2008



On weekend nights, I try to indulge with a couple of beers, or a bottle of wine, or cocktails with the hubby. This round of LaPiS (Lasang Pinoy, Sundays), we are indulging on drinks. For my share, here are 2 glasses of Mango Margarita. A cocktail that's easy to make. With the help of any
2nd July 2008

Lapis #1 : Grilled Chicken

Here is my first foray in La.Pi.S, short for Lasang Pinoy Sundays. Good timing for me to discover about it too from JMom coz I was just thinking the other day that I should start posting my grilled recipes here. Summer is for grilling after all :). So here's my 1st Entry for La.Pi.S with the apropos theme of GRILLED. Recipe after the fold.... As always, parboil the chicken pieces. When ...