2nd January 2017

New Year’s Eve/Birthday Feast

We usually order take out on New Year's Eve because it also falls on my birthday but since Hubby and I already went on a lunch date the day before I've decided to cook instead. Plus, I've actually already planned it weeks ahead so cooking on my birthday is definitely something I wanted to do.   Maine entree was Southern Pork Barbecue cooked in the crock-pot.   Steamed fresh green beans with garlic powder seasoning.   Rice, of course and Margaret ...
29th December 2016

Prime Rib On Christmas Eve

Food Lion had a Manager's Special sale on meat a few days before Christmas. Scott found a really good deal on this prime rib and lamb roast. He made me pick which meat we were going to devour on Christmas Eve. It was basically a life and death decision because as much as I wanted prime rib I also wanted to eat lamb. To make it easier I suggested to stop eating meat and just ...
13th December 2016

Hershey Kisses Blossom Sugar Cookies

I made these Hershey Kisses Blossom Sugar Cookies on December 1st and I'm just posting the recipe now because well, I got busy decorating for Christmas. These cookies are the first batch of our Christmas Baking Series. At least that's what I'm calling our baking marathon anyway. 'Our' meaning me and my Sous Chef Miss Emma who is just absolutely loving all our baking extravaganza. We get to eat cookies afterwards so what's not to ...
29th November 2016

No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake

For our Thanksgiving dessert, I went for the No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake instead of the usual baked pumpkin cheesecake with dulce de leche topping. I just wanted to try the cheesecake prepared in a different way and in a way compare which is better. Baked or No-Bake? After having been tried the no-bake version I think I'll go back to baking my cheesecake next year. Don't get me wrong, the no-bake cheesecake was good and easier ...
28th November 2016

Our 2016 Thanksgiving Feast

LATE POST: I finally have time to share our Thanksgiving feast this year which was spent with my brother-in-law's family same like last year. Pardon my lack of perfectly styled pictures because the reality is, when we're all together and we're all ready to eat there's just really no time to make everything pretty for pictures. Nevertheless, everything was delicious. Super easy turkey seasoning. I went with creole butter this year. I usually rub butter on ...
30th December 2015

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Dinners

Before the year ends, let me share our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day feasts. Christmas Eve was spent with my brother-in-law's family. Unlike on Thanksgiving Day where there were an abundance of food, we made the Christmas Eve feast simple. Roast Turkey, dinner rolls, mashed potatoes, peas & carrots veggie mix, and chocolate cake for dessert. There was also an apple pie but we didn't get the chance to slice into it. For our Christmas ...
15th October 2015

Halloween Cake Truffle Balls

There's nothing scary about my Halloween Cake Truffle Balls but they sure are cute in a simple non-creative way. I just wanted to make something to munch on that's not candy since it's Halloween season after all. I also deviated from the usual Halloween cupcakes which I make every year. So these cake truffle balls are just regular white cake base shaped into balls then coated with melted vanilla almond bark with orange food coloring. It's ...
19th December 2014

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Sticks With Sprinkles

Along with beautifully decorated Christmas sugar cookies, we also get Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Sticks from my Mother-in-Law every year. They are always a treat and the kids love munching on them throughout the day. This year though, MIL changed it a bit. With the usual sugar cookies, she sent us the ingredients for the pretzels sticks because she knows how much her granddaughter loves making treats. So I planned on us bonding over the pretzels, ...
18th December 2014

Crock-Pot Garlic Herb-Roasted Lamb

Thinking of diverting away from turkey or ham this Christmas? How about lamb? I actually made this slow-cooked lamb the day before Thanksgiving this year. We went to a friend's house on Thanksgiving Day so we had our own before-Thanksgiving day dinner with this lamb roast. I kind of adapted The Country Basket's recipe using the crock-pot method. I wanted the long infused flavors without turning the house into a heat machine by using the ...
8th December 2014

2014 Christmas Cookies

Emma and I baked the sugar cookies on Saturday. We started the process later than I usually do it because we were at the town's Christmas parade, went to the store to get the other stuff I needed, then went to eat lunch at Mi Casita. When we got home about 1pm was the time I made the cookie though but I had to leave it in the fridge to chill for 2 hours. By ...
5th December 2014

Baking Preparations For Christmas 2014

My daughter started talking about baking Christmas cookies today as soon as she got off the bus. She got so excited talking about all the different colors of frosting and cookie shapes. That definitely got me off my holiday funk. I have been feeling crappy all week so I haven't really done anything beyond putting up our Christmas tree and some decors. But when you have an Autistic daughter who finds joy and comfort baking, ...
31st October 2014

Pumpkin-Raisins Cinnamon Rolls With Cinnabon-Like Frosting

I haven't made cinnamon rolls in a while so I was craving some so badly especially now that it's Fall season. My original plan was to make cinnamon Rolls with raisins but while the dough was kneading in the mixer I remember the cans of pumpkin in the cupboard. For about 3 minutes I debated whether I should or shouldn't add pumpkin in the dough. That would mean adding more flour so it wouldn't be ...
20th October 2014

Grown-Up Mac ‘N’ Cheese With Bacon

While my in-laws were down here for a visit a few weeks ago, my mother-in-law and I were watching something from a cooking show about comfort food. One of the featured dishes was 'grown-up' mac'n'cheese. I had been craving for my own version ever since. I finally made some a few days ago and my cravings were definitely satisfied. It's a slightly baked version of the CREAMY MAC ‘N’ CHEESE W/ CRISPY BACON BITS that I ...
19th January 2014

Emma Lyn’s Fruit & Cheese Kabobs

While cooking the hot chicken tenders(to be posted later) for dinner last Friday I was also thinking of a healthy side dish that would go along with it. The traditional route would be sliced celery, carrots, and/or sliced cucumbers. Been there done that and would probably do that the next time I make hot wings. Amidst all of that in my head I was also thinking about baking strawberry cupcakes with my daughter on ...
15th January 2014

Lechon Kawali

This is such a late post because I made Lechon Kawali this past Christmas, alongside the roast duck. Well, better late than never plus I belive that Lechon Kawali is good to eat any day, special occasion or not. I have made something similar before actually except I didn't use the pork belly nor did I chill it for a few hours before deep frying. I called it Lechon Kawali Ala Dexie which my husband and ...
8th January 2014

Ham – Delicious, Flexible and with a Long History

Although the term ‘ham’ can be applied to other meats (turkey ham for example) the traditional form is produced from pork. Technically ham is the preserved or cured meat from the hind leg of a pig and has been produced across the globe in a wide range of cultures for many centuries. The method of preserving hams by salting is referred to as far back as pre-Christian times in some Greek texts, demonstrating that the ...
26th December 2013

Roast Duck For Christmas

This past Thanksgiving Scott suggested to try out duck for our Christmas dinner. I was all over the idea since the few times I had duck I remember it being good and it will be a new experience for me to cook a whole one that of course leads to a new foodblogging subject. As the phrase goes or whatever, everything has a purpose. Scott saw the frozen whole ducks in Walmart back in November but ...
26th November 2013

Thanksgiving Treats: Chocolate Cake Truffles

Before the madness in my kitchen begins for the Thanksgiving feast on Thursday, I figured I'd make the kids Chocolate Cake Truffles as treats. No need to wait exactly on Thanksgiving Day to serve these. I've saved enough in the freezer to go alongside Pumpkin Cheesecake for dessert but if you walk right into my kitchen right now, go ahead and help yourself out with cake truffles. After making these a few times I've discovered ...