23rd June 2013

How About A Refreshing Glass Of Strawberry Milkshake?

Around this time of year is the best time to enjoy fresh strawberries. With the kids out of school and on their summer break, take them out for strawberry picking then go home and enjoy the strawberries you've picked(and paid) yourselves. One of the most refreshing things to make using fresh strawberries to enjoy during the summer is of course, strawberry milkshake. Imagine a cold refreshing fruity drink with a sandwich or salad for lunch. It's ...
2nd May 2011

Strawberry Banana & Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie

I had an impromptu thought if making a Strawberry Banana & Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie as an after-school snack for my son. It was soooo cute how my daughter opened the fridge to show her big brother what was waiting for him inside. This smoothie is so easy and fast to make if you have strawberries, bananas, and nonfat vanilla yogurt in hand. I actually 'borrowed' my husband's yogurt to make this. I was thinking of my ...
22nd April 2010

How To Make Sweetened Iced Tea

There are iced tea powder mixes that you could just add water and store in the fridge to make iced tea. But I don’t use those in our house. I go for a more traditional way, if that’s how you call it, using actual tea bags. Here’s How To Make Sweetened Iced Tea. INGREDIENTS : 8 cups of water more water, about 12-15 cups 8 tea bags, take the paper out 1 cup(or more, according to your taste) of sugar ...
10th March 2010


  I’ve always wanted to try Kale and find out how it tastes. I’ve read and heard how it’s one of the most, if not THE most nutritional green leafy vegetable out there. Late last year I started feeling dizzy out of nowhere so my husband suggested that I should eat more green leafy vegetables. So of course I took his advice. Even the one where he said I should take ...
18th February 2010


I think the last time I drank anything Bacardi (it comes in different flavors) was 3 years ago. I still remember the heartburn I got from it. It’s the same heartburn I get when I drink Smirnoff which I also haven’t touched in a long time. Last Friday, my husband came home with a 6-pack for me. He thought maybe I’d like to try it. Isn’t he sweet? I was expecting a heartburn after one bottle ...