19th January 2017

Chorizo And Leftover Cheeseburger Quesadilla

The Quesadilla night idea we had last week came after I was writing our dinner's menu in my kitchen chalkboard. Unless we're eating either pizza, spaghetti, tacos, or burgers, I always have to make something different for Emma. If this is your first time in this foodblog, my daughter has Autism and she's a bit of a picky eater. It's a texture thing. I get to be creative when it comes to her dinner combos. ...
29th December 2016

Prime Rib On Christmas Eve

Food Lion had a Manager's Special sale on meat a few days before Christmas. Scott found a really good deal on this prime rib and lamb roast. He made me pick which meat we were going to devour on Christmas Eve. It was basically a life and death decision because as much as I wanted prime rib I also wanted to eat lamb. To make it easier I suggested to stop eating meat and just ...
28th June 2016

Creamy & Cheesy Beef Penne

I am in a cheese fix lately. I want to eat cheese all the time. I might have gone overzealous in the cheesiness of this Creamy & Cheesy Beef Penne but I didn't care. I just want all the cheesy goodness and I got it. The cheese sauce is basically the same sauce I make for my grown up Mac 'N' Cheese. Simple. Cheesy. Good. Recipe: Creamy & Cheesy Beef Penne Ingredients 1 box of penne, cooked al ...
14th June 2016

A Simple Cookout Party Menu

For my son's high school graduation party with family and friends, we had a simple cookout with the usual burgers, hotdogs, pork ribs, cold side dishes, and chips. The side dishes were prepared pretty much the day before the party so all we had to do was grill the meat.   It's the season for fresh fruits so here's a huge bowl of grapes, watermelon, honey dew, cantaloupe, and strawberries.   Pasta salad with broccoli florets, cherry tomatoes, sweet ...
8th November 2015

Margaret Holmes Simple Suppers Review

We were first introduced to Margaret Holmes when our neighbor Ms. Peggy invited us to her family's Easter dinner a few years ago. She served Margaret Holmes Collard Greens as one of the side dishes and it was really good. I love collard greens but I don't make it that often because it takes a while to cook and it needs to be seasoned well. I have no expertise on collard greens. I think I've ...
23rd September 2015

Beef & Ricotta Cheese Lasagna Rolls

Every time I say 'lasagna' whenever my family asks what I'm making for dinner they all go, 'OOOOHHHHHH.' They did the same thing when I said I was making Beef & Ricotta Cheese Lasagna Rolls. Good thing I was able to resist eating the container of ricotta cheese. I couldn't help but have a couple of spoonfuls while filling up the rolls. They're just too good! So, lasagna rolls, this is so easy and sumptuous ...
8th September 2015

Beef Enchiladas That Will Knock Your Socks Off

I am not claiming that these Beef Enchiladas are the most delicious and most authentic enchiladas you'd ever taste in your whole life but they sure impressed me and my family. These enchiladas which I only thought of making to veer away from the creamy chicken enchiladas that we love were surprisingly exceptionally scrumptious. Sometimes I amaze myself, HAH!   Recipe: Beef Enchiladas Ingredients 1 1/2 pound of ground beef 1 medium onion, chopped 1 1/2 cup of salsa 3 tbsp of ...
28th May 2015

Spicy Hoisin Beef & Green Beans Stir-Fry

I have been craving a lot for spicy food so when I thought about making hoisin beef with green beans stir-fry I knew I was going to douse it with red pepper flakes. Nothing fancy schmancy spicy concoction, just good 'ol red pepper flakes. I can't live without red pepper flakes in my pantry, can you? This girl likes her HOT STUFF!   Recipe: Spicy Hoisin Beef & Green Beans Stir-Fry Ingredients 1 pc of steak, sliced in thin ...
28th April 2015

Beef And 3-Cheese Lasagna

Lasagna is always a hit dish in our household. It's one of my favorite Italian dishes but you'd be surprised how sporadic I make lasagna for dinner. I mean it's not that hard unless perhaps you're making your own Pappardelle noodles for it. Now that would take a little bit more time than usual. When getting the ingredients for this Beef And 3-Cheese Lasagna I found a box of oven-ready noodles which I figured would ...
14th April 2015

Beef, Mushrooms, & Capers Spaghetti

You want spaghetti but you're not feeling the tomato-based sauce? Or let's just say you don't have any in stock. Conveniently though you have a can of cream of mushroom soup, a few button mushrooms, and while you're at it why not throw in a few capers too. Yes, that totally happened in my kitchen, Hah! Recipe: Beef, Mushrooms, & Capers Spaghetti Ingredients 1-2 pounds of ground beef 1 box of angel hair pasta 1 sm onion, chopped 2 cloves of ...
1st April 2015

Mini Meatballs Sandwiches

These right here are so easy to make but oh soo good. I'm always impressed with my homemade meatballs. You know what they said, love your own, right? If you want an easy, delicious, and filling meal try making these Mini Meatballs Sandwiches. Use your trusted brand of spaghetti or marinara sauce. Or make your own sauce. I personally prefer Ragu and Delmonte brands.   Recipe:
23rd March 2015

Beef & Sweet Peppers Fajita Rice Bowl

When I made beef fajitas the other day I wasn't really feeling the flour tortilla wrap way. I served the family the tortillas but I made mine with rice hence, Beef & Sweet Peppers Fajita Rice Bowl. If you have Spanish rice around then the rice bowl idea would be perfect but I only had cooked white rice so I went with that and you're more than welcome to do the same.   Recipe: Beef & ...
7th February 2015

Beef & Egg-Drop Ramen Noodles Soup With Sweet Peppers

Ramen noodles, perfect when it's cold, no? I like to add fixings in my ramen and seriously, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to think of yummy fixings to make your ramen the best one you'll ever have. On that particular day anyway because once you get the hang of it the possibilities are endless.   Recipe: Beef & Egg-Drop Ramen Noodles Soup With Sweet Peppers Ingredients 3-4 packs of beef flavored ramen noodles enough water to cover the ramen(refer ...
3rd November 2014

Beef & Mushrooms With Penne Rigate

This is a quick pasta dish with my favorite pasta, penne rigate. It involves strips of beef, sliced mushrooms, seasonings, and Worcestershire sauce to give it that sweet and savory with a hint of tangy flavors. You can easily substitute beef with chicken strips. Seriously, this is quick and simple.   Recipe: Beef & Mushrooms With Penne Rigate Ingredients 1 box of penne rigate, cooked al dente 1 piece of steak, cut in strips 4 button mushrooms, sliced olive oil sprinkles of salt, ...
9th October 2014

Beef With Potatoes & Baby Carrots Stir-Fry

This is one of those dishes that I just whip up in a flash. Well, sort of in a flash since the potatoes need to soften but you know what I mean. Dishes that I come up with that don't necessarily have official names or can be found in a cookbook. I like dishes like that, don't you? They are very simple yet very satisfying. That's basically how most stir-fry dishes are anyway.   Recipe: Beef With ...
16th September 2014

2 Quick Ways To Cook Ampalaya(Bittergourd)

The last time I went to the Oriental store a couple of weeks ago the lady hasn't assembled the ingredients for the Pinakbet pack which I always pick up because it has all the ingredients I need for my favorite Ilocano dish. It's a very convenient bag since I'm the only one who eats it in my family anyway. Considering each vegetable costs more that I'm willing to spend, the Pinakbet pack is just perfect ...
29th June 2014

Our First Grilling Day Of The Summer Season

For a while we thought our grill is broken so we haven't done any grilling for a long time. Early yesterday Scott tinkered with the grill, cleaned it up, and BAMM, it works. So we went to Wally world to get ingredients for our first grilling day of the summer season. We may or may not have gone overboard. It didn't help that we didn't eat lunch. Don't go to the grocery when you're hungry ...
21st January 2014

Beef With Green Beans & Broccoli Stir-Fry

I'm adding this easy to make Beef With Green Beans & Broccoli Stir-Fry in the list of beef and veggies stir-fry recipes in the archives. It is slightly similar with the Beef, Tofu, and Veggie Stir-Fry but without the tofu cubes and oyster sauce. Recipe: Beef With Green Beans & Broccoli Stir-Fry Ingredients vegetable oil for sauteing 1 medium onion, finely chopped 3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped beef steak, sliced in thin strips 1 head of broccoli florets, cut up a ...