16th March 2014

Bi-Weekly Dinner Menu: March 17th – March 30th

Much to my surprise I actually followed and enjoyed the bi-weekly dinner menu I created for the Feb 24th - March 9th period. I even took pictures of each meal, except for a couple, to chronicle the menu in visuals mode. I'll post them sometime if I'm in the mood to resize pictures. Anyhoo, I created a new Bi-Weekly Dinner Menu for March 17th - March 30th. *I forgot about St. Patrick's Day so ...
24th February 2014

Bi-Weekly Dinner Menu: February 24th – March 9th

I've created weekly or monthly menus a few times but I could never follow through. I'm what you call a 'wing it' home cook coz I actually enjoy putting ingredients together to create a recipe of my own, or at least adapt a recipe with my own twists. There are times I'd cook something in particular so that means I'd follow a cookbook recipe from top to bottom. But more often than not I'm experimenting ...