29th April 2013

Pizza Hut’s Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza

For my son's 15th birthday, we decided to try out Pizza Hut's Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza(+wings). It sure looked good in the commercial but then again pretty much everything looks so much better in ads. Check out that picture above. Perfectly round and just waiting for you to grab it. In reality this is what it looks like. That's a large size by the way. I suggest you stick to your regular round pizza, or ...
14th March 2013

The Power Of Pork And TV Commercial At Night

You know that time of the night when you're laying down in bed and then the TV starts playing all these food commercials? Torture, I tell you. Like this Hardee's commercial for Pork Chop 'N' Gravy Biscuit. If I remember it right, the words I uttered were, 'Oh My God.' So the following day, after my husband finished dumping the old washer and dryer at the metal scrap yard where he got a lousy $28 for, ...
19th December 2012

Take Out Dinner: Papa John’s Pizza & Cake For Dessert

Tonight's dinner was take out pizza from Papa John's coz I just didn't feel like cooking anything. As much as I love cooking, I get those days when I just don't want to touch another pot or pan. Take Out pizza to the rescue. So we had those 2 kinds of pizza from Papa John's, one with veggies, and the other one with sausages, pepperoni, and ham. For dessert, I wanted chocolate cake so Scott ...
24th April 2012

Domino’s Artisan Pizza: Spinach & Feta

I 'won' this Domino's Artisan Pizza 2 weeks ago through Facebook. Finally, I was one of the lucky ones who got the timing correctly. There's a certain hour when you could enter and get 1 free pizza but it's all about great timing. It doesn't last all day and they give it to a certain number of entries. So yeah, my hard work in stalking Domino's in Facebook paid off. The process was easy once ...
5th November 2011

A Surprise Chinese Take-Out For Lunch

The husband and the son went to Auto Zone today to get something done with the car. The daughter and I did our thing around the neighborhood by going for a walk and taking pictures of the trees and leaves. I wanted pictures of this year's Fall foliage. I will post those in my other blog sometime tomorrow. As she and I were turning around at the end of the very long road, I ...
2nd September 2011

Hardee’s $5 Big Box Lunch

My husband discovered Hardee's $5 Big Box Lunch yesterday. We like Hardee's and we've eaten from their menu from time to time but I really didn't know how long they've had this Big Box Lunch deal going on. So I Googled. BurgerBusiness.com wrote about it back in January so I guess it's been around for a while this year. In case you've never heard of Hardee's $5 Big Box Lunch, here it is. 2 double ...
29th January 2011

An Ode To KFC’s Double Down Sandwich

Dear Kentucky Fried Chicken Double Down Sandwich, When my husband and I were in the drive-thru that one fine day back in September 2010, and he told me to try the double down, I asked, 'what the heck is a double down?' in utter perplexity. He quickly explained that you are a sandwich consisted of 2 breaded fried chicken boneless breasts, with cheese and bacon. To tell you the truth, it was the bacon that ...
3rd December 2010

Ricotta-Spinach-Tomatoes Pizza From Sami’s Pizza

My husband had to take care of car stuff back in the town we used to live in so while I was fixing myself in the bathroom to look human, he told me the plan. 'This this this car.. this this this, then I'll stop at Sami's to get pizza for dinner.' I'm such an attentive wife, no? Sami's and Pizza were all I understood really. My stomach never fails me. Well, take a look ...
17th June 2010

Red Velvet Cake W/ Buttercream Frosting From Wal-Mart Supercenter

I was going through PMS last week so I was craving for something sweet. I asked my husband who called me as soon as he got on the road after work, which he always does, to find some kind of dessert at the store. I was craving sweet so bad but I didn't feel like making anything in my own kitchen. I have my days too, yah know. I told him to check out the ...
23rd February 2010


Part of my husband’s birthday dinner last week was Lobster Bisque. I did not make it as indicated in the title and by the picture itself. I bought a pre-made one from a wholesale store called BJ’s. The Lobster Bisque is from Legal Sea Foods brand. 2 containers of this size cost $11.99. Per the printed instruction on the container, the lobster bisque can be heated through stove top ...
27th October 2009

Pizza “Bruschetta”

My 3 yr old daughter is currently on a phase where she’s only eating the toppings off of her pizza. She picks the pepperoni or sausages, mushrooms, olives, etc off and then she’s done. Last Friday we had take-out pizza which also provided us lunch the following day since we also has antipasto, wings and garlic bread with the pizza so it was inevitable we’ll have leftovers. There were only ...