21st May 2014

Mom’s Homemade Strawberry Jam

This is NOT a recipe post for a homemade strawberry jam. I'm just showing off the one my mother-in-law made when she and my father-in-law were here for a visit last April. It's true what they say about homemade food being better than store-bought stuff. Not that I'm being a snob about store-bought food items. I buy and use them too and some are really good but generally, homemade is always the way to go. ...
16th October 2012

Food Photos: Bacon Cheeseburger

My husband informed me a few weeks ago about a news on supposed upcoming bacon shortage. I was like, NOOOOOO, then made bacon cheeseburger for dinner. The report said it's highly unlikely that an 'aporkalypse' would happen but just in case, yah kow, for some odd crazy reason it does, I better get my fix on bacon as much as I can. There's already a recipe of bacon cheeseburger here. I used wheat buns on ...
23rd July 2012

Food Pictures: Fresh Fruits

For this 2nd part of Food Pictures, I'm sharing pictures of fresh fruits. You just want to eat these all up for the summer season. Fresh fruits are delicious, healthy, and just oh-so-good. Right above is fresh ripe papaya. Cut it in half, take the seeds out using a spoon, slice the halves in quarters lengthwise, then run the knife at the bottom to peel. Good for snacks or breakfast. Green Mango, peeled and sliced ...