6th May 2016

#PizzaHut Seasoned Fries: Cajun VS Ranch

Last Friday was Caine's Prom Night so while he was there, Scott and I took Emma to Pizza Hut as promised. She had her personal pan pizza fix while Scott and I got wings and seasoned fries instead. We didn't want pizza since Caine was having a birthday party with pizza the following day anyway. Scott got ranch fries and I got the cajun version for our sides. I wanted the ranch too but I ...
26th August 2015

Steak Escape Sandwiches & Fresh-Cut Fries

My husband and I had a lunch date at Steak Escape Sandwich Grille(Dunn) yesterday and it was really good. I had BBQ Steak sandwich with green peppers and onions with a side of fresh-cut fries. I wish they didn't cut the steak too fine while cooking but the flavors were on point. Scott had Steak Mignon sandwich which also had green peppers, onion, and mushrooms. The price was reasonable too. I had the small sandwich ...
21st February 2014

Dinner At Mi Casita

For Scott's post-birthday dinner tonight we went to what I've concluded as my favorite Mexican restaurant here in North Carolina, Mi Casita. Scott and I have eaten there before for lunch and it was an enjoyable experience. The food is great and I love the space. Unlike other Mexican restaurants we've been to Mi Casita's tables and booths are far from each other that you really get that safe and private ambiance. You don't ever ...
21st May 2013

IHOP Rebates Are Real!!

Back in February we had a brunch at IHOP where my husband and I both ordered one of the new breakfast items on the menu. The Fiesta Omelette with corn cakes on the side. Because we ordered something new, they've asked us to fill up a form to review the dish and we'll each get $3 rebate in the mail. We said sure and almost 3 months alter, we got the rebate cards. I've ...
11th April 2013

Try The Delicious Macarons in Singapore

Sweets and pastries are something that everyone loves as they melt in your mouth creating a scintillating mood with every bite. And nothing makes it happen better than delicious macarons. Macaron is a pastry made delicately using different flavors to give you an assortment of mild crispy, soft and chewy bite. While it is amazing trying macarons in Singapore, macarons come in various colors and flavors. Different flavored filling is carefully sandwiched between macaron shells ...
14th March 2013

The Power Of Pork And TV Commercial At Night

You know that time of the night when you're laying down in bed and then the TV starts playing all these food commercials? Torture, I tell you. Like this Hardee's commercial for Pork Chop 'N' Gravy Biscuit. If I remember it right, the words I uttered were, 'Oh My God.' So the following day, after my husband finished dumping the old washer and dryer at the metal scrap yard where he got a lousy $28 for, ...
24th February 2013

Sunday Brunch At IHOP

The original plan was to have breakfast at IHOP on Saturday for my husband's birthday which was actually on the 20th. The little girl was sick though so that didn't happened. Scott and Caine had a Father and Son day instead which started at Waffle House and they went from there. Emma and I stayed in the house, watched DVDs and ate Cheetos. We did the IHOP brunch today, Sunday and it was delicious. The ...
23rd March 2012

Pastini Pastaria

Pastini Pastaria

Have you heard of Pastini? It's a Portland, Oregon Italian restaurant which offers more than 30 authentic pasta dishes using fresh and local ingredients. Some of their pasta dishes include Ziti with Winter Squash and Gorgonzola Sauce which has roasted butternut squash, gorgonzola cream sauce, leeks, garlic, nutmeg and thyme, over ziti pasta. Another one of their delicious pasta offering is a Chicken Cacciatore with Rigatoni dish. The chicken is simmered slow in the traditional ...
2nd March 2012

Lunch At Mi Casita’s

We went to lunch at Mi Casita yesterday over in Dunn. A perfect way to welcome the 81° weather to match our blue spring dresses. That was our first time to eat at Mi Casita. Our usual Mexican digs are La Cocina and Fiesta Mexicana. There's another Mexican restaurant in Dunn that we went to months ago but it's so terrible I can't remember the name anymore. It's either Las Brisas or El Charro. Maybe ...
8th February 2012

Salmon & Penne Alfredo

This Salmon & Penne Alfredo was inspired by the seafood with pesto cream penne alfredo from Ragazzi's Italian Restaurant. The seafood with pesto cream involves basil with walnut pesto blended into penne alfredo sauce with sauteed shrimp and fresh salmon. It's $14.99 a plate which I'm telling you is sooooo worth it coz it's soooo good and you get so much of it. I can only eaT half of the plate then save my leftovers ...
14th September 2011

Dinner @ Two Dogs Pizza

Two Dogs Pizza is the only local owned pizza place where we live. Tonight was the second time we've eaten at the place in the year and 2 weeks that we've lived in this area. It's a pretty decent sized local pizza restaurant with a buffet but we've discovered tonight only lasts until 2pm. The first time we went there last year we thought the prices were kinda high and the pizzas, although not that ...
2nd September 2011

Hardee’s $5 Big Box Lunch

My husband discovered Hardee's $5 Big Box Lunch yesterday. We like Hardee's and we've eaten from their menu from time to time but I really didn't know how long they've had this Big Box Lunch deal going on. So I Googled. BurgerBusiness.com wrote about it back in January so I guess it's been around for a while this year. In case you've never heard of Hardee's $5 Big Box Lunch, here it is. 2 double ...
15th August 2011

TGI Friday’s Value Deals In 4 Places

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26th May 2010

Night At Dinner

Guest posted by William Wright Last night myself and my family decided to go have dinner out. We set out ADT alarm systems and get in our car without any idea where to go. We ended up about a mile away from our house at a restaurant called El Tapatio. There we were met by a pleasant greeter who sat us immediately. The service from the waiter was also wonderful. He came to our table within ...
27th October 2009

Pizza “Bruschetta”

My 3 yr old daughter is currently on a phase where she’s only eating the toppings off of her pizza. She picks the pepperoni or sausages, mushrooms, olives, etc off and then she’s done. Last Friday we had take-out pizza which also provided us lunch the following day since we also has antipasto, wings and garlic bread with the pizza so it was inevitable we’ll have leftovers. There were only ...
8th August 2008

Hibachi Grill : Sushi & Buffet : Octopus W/ Jalapeno, etc

We went to dine in one of my favorite Japanese Restaurant last weekend and here's the second plate from the Hibachi Grill. My first plate consisted of all sushi and a bowl with jalapeno. YUMMY! Don't let the picture deceive you. The plate wasn't that big. I kinda piled them all on top, hehe. Rice, Octopus, sesame chicken, green beans w/ garlic, shrimp & crab in creamy sauce. Makes me want ...
8th July 2008


We couldn't figure out what to have for lunch one weekend ago so we decided to try for the second time, Wal-Mart's Footlong Sub sandwich. This thing is huge and filled with deli goodies. Turkey, Ham and Roast Beef accompanied with lettuce, swiss cheese, colby jack cheese and American cheese. If there are no recalls on tomatoes these days, the latter would be on the sandwich too. It's wrapped and you get to ...