24th June 2014

The Great Wings Book

Last week Scott came home from work with gifts for me, Emma, and Caine. Emma got a Princess indoor/outdoor tent, Caine got a Star Wars book, and I got this cookbook all about chicken wings. I love it. I happen to make awesome wings. The whole family says so. Someday I have plans for my chicken wings but that's for another post altogether. The Great Wings Book by Hugh Carpenter and Teri Sandison has a ...
16th May 2012

4-Hour Chef By Timothy Ferris

I most probably don't need another cookbook because I already have a lot of those sitting in my baker's rack but I'm always open to buying a new one that I think is interesting enough and will teach me new recipes and tricks in the kitchen. I saw this 4-Hour Chef book from Tim Ferriss blog and it sure caught my attention. 4-Hour Chef could actually be the 2nd installment of Tim Ferriss' book ...
26th January 2011

America The Majestic Pictorial Cookbook

From my trip to the Goodwill store, I found this huge book called, America The Majestic Pictorial Cook Book for only $2. This picturesque book showing American sceneries accompanied by the States dishes was actually put together by a team from Sydney Australia. Mike Alberts, the managing editor explains why a group of Australians produced the book. He said a pitch was given to him during one of many trips in the ...
30th March 2010

Better Homes & Garden BCA Pink Cookbook

I have a good collection of cook books that I have accumulated through out the years. Not a lot, but enough to keep me happy. While I “love” them all, I am particularly more enamored with my Better Homes and Garden New Cook Book Pink Ribbon Plaid Cookbook. It was actually given to me by my dear Mother-In-Law, months before she gave me the 400 Slow Cooker & One-Pot Recipes ...
13th March 2010

I Watch Too Much Cooking Shows

The amount of food and cooking shows I watch on TV would probably make anyone who doesn't spend 5 minutes in the kitchen cringe. In my defense, these cooking shows are on while I'm working (hehe). FoodTV network would seem like it's on 24 hours a day. Not at all. I still have Soaps On ABC to watch during the day :) . Without having to painstakingly explain my food and cooking shows obsession, let ...
28th August 2008

Spicy Apricot Glazed Pork Loin Chops

In the September issue of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine, there's a recipe for spicy apricot glazed chicken boneless breast. I didn't want to eat chicken but I wanted to make it so I decided to use pork chops instead. Yes, it's perfectly fine to change the meat whenever you feel like it. There's no law against it at all. :) INGREDIENTS : 1/4 CUP APRICOT JAM 1/4 TSP ...
3rd July 2008


The truth is, I really don't need another cookbook, let alone a cupcakes cookbook since making cupcakes is not rocket science. to me anyway. But I saw how beautiful this Cupcakes recipe book from Books-A-Million last weekend and I just could not resist. The cover made me drool. If I could've licked those frosting off of the cover, I would have. Well, I'm sure I'll learn new cupcake recipes and frosting tips from ...