28th November 2016

Christmas Wish List: Fondue Set

While I was organizing my pantry when we first moved into our new home I somehow broke the pot of my fondue set. I calculated my movement wrong which I'm usually good at when reaching for stuff on higher shelves but not that day apparently. So I have been without a fondue pot now. I really miss having our chocolate fondue and cheese fondue nights. Since Christmas is upon us, why not start a Christmas ...
14th September 2016

Hosting a Great Party

The one thing everyone will remember about a party is the food. If you are hosting a party, then be sure to take a little extra time when you plan the menu. There are several popular foods that can please a crowd. The type of food you should serve depends on the guests you will be entertaining. Here are some great ideas that can make sure your guests clean their plates. Remember Appetizers You may ...
2nd September 2016

Cooking with Your Fire Pit Table

If you have a fire pit or fire pit table, you've probably already flexed a bit to see what kind of entertaining and cooking you can do with it. There are some obvious cooking choices such as smores, hotdogs, and grilled steak, but you're really only limited by your imagination and the utensils you have on-hand. A good place to start might be to dig up your old camping recipes or buy a wok stand, ...
23rd February 2016

“Bloody” Splash Cutting Board

How fun is this Splash Cutting Board from Foodiggity shop? It's 18 by 12 size and the 'dripping' blood was designed to keep the board stable. Plus, it's just too cool for words. Not bad for a $21.99 cutting board that would give your counter top a playful character while chopping off veggies or whatnots.
15th December 2015

Alton Brown’s Dumbest Kitchen Gadgets

I do love a cool kitchen gadget as much as the next person but there are some out there that just leaves you scratching your head. Food Network's Alton Brown nailed this list. Having said that, I do want that Wolverine claws, HAH!
24th July 2015

Presenting, Feistycook’s Pantry

I took a couple of quick snaps of my slightly full pantry the other week after doing the groceries. I figured I'd do it then before it's empty again, HAH! I'm so happy that our new home have this space for groceries. I've always wanted a pantry and here it is. As you can see, I have more cookware/kitchen gadgets in it than food. Figures, right? FYI, I have a 2-tier Lazy Susan shelf in ...
12th May 2015

My New Set Of Dumplings/Empanada/Pierogi Maker

I have a set of small Dumplings/Empanada/Pierogi Maker that my Mother-in-Law gave me a few years back. I usually use the largest size for dumplings and empanadas. She gave me a new set and boy oh boy the molds are huge. I was doing the happy dance. I can't wait to make empanadas with the largest mold then dumplings with the medium and small molds. I've never tried making pierogis but I must start now ...
7th October 2014

3 Amazing Recipe Apps for the Home Cook

Every home cook will tell you that cooking is a learning process, and that you’ll continue to amass a wealth of recipes as you refine your cooking skill and style. While our parents and grandparents used to make binders and notebooks of all the recipes they’d discovered, home cooks of today have a better tool at their disposal: their smartphones. Gaming Realms, the company that acquired Iceland Bingo in 2013 and won several awards for its ...
15th May 2014

Utilizing Your Kitchen Leftovers and Saving Money

No matter how many cooks there are in the kitchen, one thing they will always agree upon is that there are bound to be kitchen scraps left over after nearly every meal. Whether it is the tops of an onion or a carrot, a sprig of leftover herbs, an orange peel, a spoonful of rice or half a cup of sauce, it seems that there is always something to be reckoned with after preparing a ...
7th November 2013

Pretty Long Decorative Serving Platters From Thrift Store

I scored these 2 long decorative serving platters from a Thrift store last Friday. It's $1.99 each. I like to scour thrift or flea market stores for serving platters. I can't wait to finally get a china cabinet I can afford and can fit in my kitchen so I can display all my finds. They're not just for displays of course. I use what I buy. I love the 3 sections of the platter. I ...
16th August 2013

Spices – A Way of Stimulating Your Appetite

The aroma and flavor that spices add to food is the key reason why people like Vasco da Gama made voyages across the Indian Ocean looking for spices. To date, spices are some of the most prized commodities in the world. Thanks to improved infrastructure, you can get spices as far as from India to spice your foods with. In addition to being used to add flavor and taste to foods, spices have also been used ...
3rd July 2013

Is It Worth Buying A Coffee Machine?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, second only to tea. Hundreds of millions of units are bought worldwide every year, and whether you’re into instant, black, white or Americano, there is a wide variety of hot coffee beverages to choose from, and you can even get them chilled with ice on those hot summer days where you still need a boost! If you add all the purchases up however, from ...
21st June 2013

$70 of Complimentary Coffee From illy

Happy Summer Solstice! How about some coffee? Whatever the season is, I love coffee. Hot coffee in the morning and if I let myself indulge sometimes, iced coffee in the afternoon. Why am I talking about coffee in this official 1st day of summer? Well, illy is extending their $70 of complimentary coffee with purchase of any full-price Francis Francis iperEspresso machine so I couldn't help but think about coffee while I share this great ...
11th June 2013

How To Make The Best Ice Cream This Summer

There’s nothing better than finding an ice cream stand on a warm summer’s day. Ice cream represents the pinnacle of British weather, and although the UK doesn’t offer the best climate, there are some glorious days to be experienced during the brief summer months. Thanks to technological advances in the kitchen, it’s now so much easier to make your own ice cream at home, and whether its strawberry or chocolate that catches your eye, you’ll ...
19th April 2013

Decanting Wine – Questions and Answers

Decanting wine divides opinion among wine experts. While some say that it only serves to impress, others say it is a vital means of getting the best out of certain bottles. If you are unsure about whether you should decant a wine, this guide should answer all of your questions.   Why Decant Wine? While the practicalities of decanting are debatable, it cannot be argued that it is a great way of impressing your guests and establishing that ...
11th April 2013

Pretty & Dainty Assorted Saucers

During our spring vacation in New York last week my mother-in-law gave me these pretty and dainty saucers that I just loooooove. She thought I could use them for my foodblog and she was right. I happen to love finding stuff like these in garage sales. When I finally have my much-coveted china cabinet I'd probably have tons of mismatched platters and saucers with beautiful patterns and designs that I've collected throughout the ...
6th December 2012

Christmas Gifts From Your Kitchen

There really is nothing wrong with giving food items as Christmas Gifts. And it's even more special if you make the goodies yourself. Christmas time is baking time so it's always a good idea to double or triple your baked goodies so you have enough cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls, or cake pops for the family, relatives, friends, neighbors, Teachers, mailman, or whomever else you want to give a gift to this Christmas. I personally like ...
16th November 2012

Silicone Cupcake Holders

I have been wanting silicone cupcake holders for years and I finally got them thanks to my dear husband who loves to spoil me. I love being spoiled with cooking and kitchen gadgets just as much as I love being spoiled with shoes and visits to Hibachi restaurants. I'm not the only one happy about these silicone cupcakes. My Little Miss Sous Chef is just as excited as I am. Who wouldn't be happy with these colorful ...