2nd September 2016

Cooking with Your Fire Pit Table

If you have a fire pit or fire pit table, you've probably already flexed a bit to see what kind of entertaining and cooking you can do with it. There are some obvious cooking choices such as smores, hotdogs, and grilled steak, but you're really only limited by your imagination and the utensils you have on-hand. A good place to start might be to dig up your old camping recipes or buy a wok stand, ...
5th August 2016

Homemade Pesto

My main goal in growing basil this year is to make my own pesto. I love pesto on pretty much everything. I've harvested a bunch of basil earlier this week then made pesto on Wednesday to use for the pasta dish I made for dinner last night(Thursday). To end this week on a high note, here's the recipe for homemade pesto. Recipe: Homemade Pesto Ingredients a bunch of basil 2 large garlic cloves, peeled a sm bag of pine nuts 1/3 ...
19th December 2015

Your Guide For The Perfect Cheese Platter

I LOVE CHEESE. You love cheese. Who doesn't love cheese? Let FTD help you make the perfect cheese platter for your next holiday party. From the type of cheeses to the tools you'll need to cut that perfect bite size and the perfect pairings. For the complete guide and chart of how to make a perfect cheese platter, check out the FTD website.
29th October 2015

What Is “Blind Baking?”

I have a recipe for Spinach and Portobello Mushrooms Quiche that I need to write about but first I have to talk about blind baking or baking blind. This is an important method when making quiches, pies, or tarts. I learned this from Barefoot Contessa and my Quiche cookbook. So what is What Is 'Blind Baking?' Basically, it's a method to partially cook the pastry before adding the filling. This will prevent the pastry crust from ...
14th May 2015

How Do You Serve Your Tacos?

This might be a silly question because really, how else can you serve a taco but by filling a taco shell with the usual taco fixings? What I meant was, do you prefer to serve the fillings in separate bowls and everyone will build their own or do you assemble the tacos beforehand then family members or guests would just pick however many tacos they want to eat? This is one way I serve my tacos. ...
5th December 2014

Baking Preparations For Christmas 2014

My daughter started talking about baking Christmas cookies today as soon as she got off the bus. She got so excited talking about all the different colors of frosting and cookie shapes. That definitely got me off my holiday funk. I have been feeling crappy all week so I haven't really done anything beyond putting up our Christmas tree and some decors. But when you have an Autistic daughter who finds joy and comfort baking, ...
7th October 2014

3 Amazing Recipe Apps for the Home Cook

Every home cook will tell you that cooking is a learning process, and that you’ll continue to amass a wealth of recipes as you refine your cooking skill and style. While our parents and grandparents used to make binders and notebooks of all the recipes they’d discovered, home cooks of today have a better tool at their disposal: their smartphones. Gaming Realms, the company that acquired Iceland Bingo in 2013 and won several awards for its ...
9th September 2014

The Secret Ingredient To Perfectly Grilled Vegetables

We've grilled up a fair amount of steaks, pork, chicken, kebabs, and vegetables this summer. One thing Scott and I discovered is the sea salt. We've had a sea salt grinder in our pantry for years now and we've probably used it on everything else without even realizing how good it is on grilled veggies. Particularly asparagus and portabello mushrooms. I'm sure it'll be great on sliced zucchini and yellow squash too. There's nothing to ...
21st May 2014

Mom’s Homemade Strawberry Jam

This is NOT a recipe post for a homemade strawberry jam. I'm just showing off the one my mother-in-law made when she and my father-in-law were here for a visit last April. It's true what they say about homemade food being better than store-bought stuff. Not that I'm being a snob about store-bought food items. I buy and use them too and some are really good but generally, homemade is always the way to go. ...
19th May 2014

Cutting Food Waste Reduces Spending

Modern consumers constantly strive to save money on their purchases, including food and beverage buys and other household expenditures.  While bargain shopping helps keep budgets in-line, there are additional ways to trim costs at home.  Waste, for example, accounts for a tremendous amount of spending for most families, whether they realize it or not. Global sustainability and other influences prompt consumers to pay mind to their wasteful behavior, but even environmental consciousness does not eliminate wasteful ...
15th May 2014

Utilizing Your Kitchen Leftovers and Saving Money

No matter how many cooks there are in the kitchen, one thing they will always agree upon is that there are bound to be kitchen scraps left over after nearly every meal. Whether it is the tops of an onion or a carrot, a sprig of leftover herbs, an orange peel, a spoonful of rice or half a cup of sauce, it seems that there is always something to be reckoned with after preparing a ...
16th March 2014

Bi-Weekly Dinner Menu: March 17th – March 30th

Much to my surprise I actually followed and enjoyed the bi-weekly dinner menu I created for the Feb 24th - March 9th period. I even took pictures of each meal, except for a couple, to chronicle the menu in visuals mode. I'll post them sometime if I'm in the mood to resize pictures. Anyhoo, I created a new Bi-Weekly Dinner Menu for March 17th - March 30th. *I forgot about St. Patrick's Day so ...
4th March 2014

10 Foods You Should Never Freeze

The household freezer is one of the most useful inventions of the last century. Freezing food helps to keep it fresh for longer, allowing us to enjoy rich and varied diets and saving us from having to make frequent trips to the shops. However, not all foods are suitable for home freezing. Here’s a quick overview of some foods that you should never freeze. 1. Lettuce Lettuce is best eaten when fresh. Frozen lettuce loses its colour, ...
24th February 2014

Bi-Weekly Dinner Menu: February 24th – March 9th

I've created weekly or monthly menus a few times but I could never follow through. I'm what you call a 'wing it' home cook coz I actually enjoy putting ingredients together to create a recipe of my own, or at least adapt a recipe with my own twists. There are times I'd cook something in particular so that means I'd follow a cookbook recipe from top to bottom. But more often than not I'm experimenting ...
25th January 2014

White Wine and Food Pairing: Basics That You’ll Need to Know Before Hosting Guests

Gone are the days when you could live by the wine-pairing dictates 'red for meat, white for chicken and fish.” Nowadays there are no firm fast rules, but guidelines have grown rather more sophisticated. The new wisdom on food and wine pairing is based not only on the opinion of wine connoisseurs, but also on chemistry. The Science of Good Taste A recent paper put out by flavour scientists working at the Monell Chemical Senses Centre in ...
16th August 2013

Spices – A Way of Stimulating Your Appetite

The aroma and flavor that spices add to food is the key reason why people like Vasco da Gama made voyages across the Indian Ocean looking for spices. To date, spices are some of the most prized commodities in the world. Thanks to improved infrastructure, you can get spices as far as from India to spice your foods with. In addition to being used to add flavor and taste to foods, spices have also been used ...
18th July 2013

Tips on Making the Perfect Macaron

As opposed to macaroons, a macaron is a delicate meringue confections made using ground almonds that are sandwiched with cream, chocolate ganache, buttercream and fruit puree. In order to come up with the perfect macarons in Singapore, mentioned below are some tips that you can use. It is worth noting that when making macarons, the older egg whites are much better that the new ones. You must ensure that the egg whites are stored at room ...