7th February 2015

Beef & Egg-Drop Ramen Noodles Soup With Sweet Peppers

Ramen noodles, perfect when it's cold, no? I like to add fixings in my ramen and seriously, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to think of yummy fixings to make your ramen the best one you'll ever have. On that particular day anyway because once you get the hang of it the possibilities are endless.   Recipe: Beef & Egg-Drop Ramen Noodles Soup With Sweet Peppers Ingredients 3-4 packs of beef flavored ramen noodles enough water to cover the ramen(refer ...
3rd September 2012

Corned Beef & Potatoes Roll

I had such a craving for corned beef & potatoes earlier last week. When I said corned beef, I don't mean the corned beef brisket cooked in crock pot for hours with whole potatoes and cabbage to serve as the main entree during Irish Day. Although after typing all that I'm certainly craving that right now, Hah! Anyhooo, I'm talking about the corned beef in can, like the Libby's kind, sauteed in a little bit ...
16th July 2012

Smoked Salmon Mango & Scallions Sushi Rolls

Sometimes when I use smoked salmon for a sushi roll, I just lay the smoked salmon on top of the rice, then add omelet and either avocado or cucumber. Sometimes, I chop up the smoked salmon, mixed it with chopped slightly ripe mango and chopped scallions, then sprinkle some seasoning before spreading the mixture on top of the rice then roll it all up tight and snug. They're really good. Print Smoked ...
18th June 2012

Happy International Sushi Day!

Apparently, it's International Sushi Day today, June 18th. There's a special day for everything and I usually roll my eyes on some of these special days but not on International Sushi Day. As far as I'm concerned, it should be sushi day everyday. But then again, it wouldn't be so special if it's celebrated that way, right? Anyhooo, I have a few homemade sushi rolls recipes in the archives so I figured they should be ...
1st November 2011

Homemade Sushi Crab Rolls

I have been craving sushi something terrible so I made some crab rolls this past Sunday. I made 2 kinds, crab with cucumber and crab with avocado. I even took out one of the sushi mats from my sushi making kit just to enjoy the experience of making sushi again. My son and I surely enjoyed the homemade sushi rolls for lunch. Print Homemade Sushi Crab Rolls : Feistycook ...
18th September 2011

Pork & Broccoli Teriyaki

This pork and broccoli teriyaki dish was a yummy dish to end my productive day yesterday. I had been sick all week but finally felt better yesterday so I tackled loads and loads of laundry, cleaned, and even swiffered the floors. A nice dinner certainly was a perfect way to end the day. Pork and Perfect Day definitely have a nice ring in my world. Let's add in some broccoli for some color because color ...
27th January 2011

Spicy Green Beans & Cuttlefish Stir-Fry

We really love cuttlefish in sushi. Cuttlefish is kinda like squid but the former is more tender when cooked while squid is on the chewy side. During my trip to the Asian store this past weekend, my husband grabbed a bag of frozen cuttlefish. Since they were frozen I figured a stir-fry would be better instead of making sushi out of them. INGREDIENTS : 1 pack of cuttlefish, thawed, and sliced in rings 1 medium onion, chopped finely 3 ...
23rd March 2010

Asian Steamed Meatballs

I had leftover pork fillings when I made pork dumplings for dinner last night. Usually I’d put the leftover in a freezer bag, freeze it, and use it later for dirty rice. Last night I decided to turn them into mini meatballs and steamed them like I did the pork dumplings. If you want to make a lot for appetizers or snacks, here’s a modified recipe of the dumplings to make ...
16th March 2010

Panko Crusted Pork Chops

  Instead of using flour or bread crumbs as crust for pork chops or chicken, try using a Japanese bread crumbs called Panko. INGREDIENTS : 3-4 pork chops 1 1/2 cup of panko (found on any Oriental store) 1 cup of buttermilk (regular milk would do) powdered garlic salt & pepper ...
15th March 2010

Miso Ginger Pork Cutlets

  From my last visit to the Pork Butcher, I bought a pork shoulder roast that I was going to cook in a crock pot but later on changed my mind. See, I bought a bottle of Miso dressing that I thought would be a great use for marinating. So I sliced part of the shoulder roast in cutlets and marinated them in a miso-ginger marinade that I mixed with other ...
13th March 2010

Ramen Noodles With All The Fixings Please

If you want to spruce up the boring bowl of ramen noodles, then I have something for you. A simple yet hearty soup that will take a bit of work but trust me, it's all worth it. Especially with the snow and cold weather that doesn't to seem to want to go away. This ramen noodles soup with all the fixings will sure give you the warm and cozy feeling you desperately need. ...
21st August 2009

Spam Musubi(Spam Sushi)

The whole family loves SPAM. They love it when I make Spam burger. It’s really good. You just make it like you would make any regular burger. Fry the sliced Spam, and add all the burger fixings on a bun. Sometimes I would just fry ‘em up then we’ll eat them with rice, and a side of pico de gallo. One time I was watching Food Network and there was a Challenge episode involving SPAM. ...