28th January 2017

Pork Sinigang With Tamarind Pods

This is a very late post. If you noticed around the bowl, the table has Christmas decorations. I've completely forgotten about this Pork Sinigang With Tamarind Pods that I made last year when I found them at Walmart back in December. I was really surprised to see them there so I grabbed a pack right away to use for Sinigang. It brought me back to when I was a little girl and how my grandmother, ...
17th January 2017

Venison Adobo With Green Beans

This is the 3rd dish I made from Scott's catch this hunting season. First one was the venison cutlets and second dish was Venison Stew which I will write about soon. I pretty much just jumped there but please bear with me. I will get to all my dishes eventually. Venison Adobo?? Sure, why not!! Recipe: Venison Adobo With Green Beans Ingredients 1-2 pounds of venison, in medium chunks 1/2 cup soy sauce 1/2 cup vinegar 1tbsp of oil 2 cups of ...
2nd January 2017

New Year’s Eve/Birthday Feast

We usually order take out on New Year's Eve because it also falls on my birthday but since Hubby and I already went on a lunch date the day before I've decided to cook instead. Plus, I've actually already planned it weeks ahead so cooking on my birthday is definitely something I wanted to do.   Maine entree was Southern Pork Barbecue cooked in the crock-pot.   Steamed fresh green beans with garlic powder seasoning.   Rice, of course and Margaret ...
16th November 2016

Pork Sotanghoon Noodles With Carrots And Snow Peas

This Pork Sotanghoon Noodles With Carrots And Snow Peas was my comfort food last week. I wanted to drink but it was still a weekday and as much as I love wine, believe it or not, I'm capable of waiting until Friday night. Or at least Thursday night since it was a 3-day weekend for everyone here. Anyway, I already have a few sotanghoon/pancit recipes here but here's one more if you need another with ...
5th July 2016

Knorr Pork Sinigang With Sweet Peppers, Green Onions, & Green Beans

While reading the book, The Butcher by Jennifer Hillier, I thought about spending a whole week in my kitchen cooking Filipino dishes. Pinoy dishes like Adobo which is basically, sort of, the star in the story aside from 'The Butcher' of course were prominent in the story. There were also references to lumpias, champorado, and sinigang. The Butcher is a psychological drama with the Filipino flair thanks to the grandmother of one of the main ...
26th February 2016

Spicy Sauteed Pork & Bittergourd

There are already 3 recipes in the archives for Sauteed Pork & Bittergourd in this blog. Here's one with tomatoes, and 2 for Sauteed Pork & Bitter Melon W/ Shrimp Paste(2). Why am I posting a fourth one? Because this one has no shrimp paste, it's spicier, AND the pictures are so much better than the previous posts. Yes, I'm THAT foodblogger.   Recipe: SPICY SAUTEED PORK & BITTER MELON Ingredients 1 large pork steak, sliced in cubes 1 sm ...
27th July 2015

Grilled Soy-Lemon-Pepper Pork Ribs

Are you melting from the heat yet? I know I am. But that doesn't stop us from grilling. Coz grilled meaty pork ribs are exactly what summer season is for. Aside from the beach of course..... when there are no sharks. Yes, what's with the sharks lately? Anyhoooo, here's a very simple recipe for some delish grilled pork ribs that you should have this weekend. FYI, these aren't the typical rack of ribs. These are ...
22nd June 2015

Laing Ala Dexie

For the first time in my Filipino existence I cooked Laing. I could never bring myself to cook this famous dish from the Bicol region in the Philippines because I know it wouldn't be as good as my Uncle Jun's wife's Laing. Then again, she's Bicolana so that pretty much sealed the deal. I was still really young when I tasted her laing while living in the Philippines but I can still taste it vividly. ...
9th June 2015

Chicken “Bistek” With Red Onions

I had a craving for the distinct 'Bistek' flavors a couple of weeks ago but I didn't necessarily want beef. If I didn't run out of pork then I could've made pork steak instead. I had chicken though so I figured chicken bistek would be nice. I've never made one before so why not? I didn't go through the marinating process. I just made the marinade then cooked the chicken with it. It's kinda like ...
20th April 2015

Ham & Potatoes Sopas

This Ham & Potatoes Sopas is perfect for rainy days and winter season. Not when the temperature is in the 70°s or higher. But see, I had to use the leftover ham bone from the Easter Sunday dinner. Even though I stored it in the freezer I didn't actually intend for it to stay in the freezer for a year. Plus, I have been craving for SOPAS for a while now so warm weather be ...
9th February 2015

Chicken Afritada With Mini Sweet Peppers

When my in-laws visited us here in NC from NY last year, my MIL introduced me to mini sweet peppers. We picked up a couple of bags of assorted sweet peppers which I added into a chicken and vegetable stir-fry dish that I made for dinner that day. Ever since then I've added the bag of small sweet peppers into my grocery list. I like putting 'em into different dishes. Even ramen noodles. I love ...
10th December 2014

Spicy Coconut Chicken With Scallions

This is a spicy version of CHICKEN WITH COCONUT MILK AND GINGER dish I've already posted twice in this foodblog. They vary from each other but still the same chicken cooked in coconut milk idea. I must really love coconut and ginger with chicken, HAH! This one is a bit different though because there's no ginger and I made it really REALLY spicy. I also used fish sauce instead of soy sauce. So if you are ...
12th November 2014

Seafood Mix & Green Beans Stir-Fry

This Seafood Mix & Green Beans Stir-Fry was a quick dinner I whipped up last Saturday. I love seafood mix bags because it gives you all that seafood goodness and conveniently so. The mix consists of calamari(squid), shrimp, mussels, octopus, and chunks of imitation crabmeat. Stir-fry 'em or add into a creamy pasta dish, either way it will be quick and delicious. Recipe: Seafood Mix & Green Beans Stir-Fry Ingredients 1 bag of frozen seafood mix oil for sauteing a ...
9th October 2014

Beef With Potatoes & Baby Carrots Stir-Fry

This is one of those dishes that I just whip up in a flash. Well, sort of in a flash since the potatoes need to soften but you know what I mean. Dishes that I come up with that don't necessarily have official names or can be found in a cookbook. I like dishes like that, don't you? They are very simple yet very satisfying. That's basically how most stir-fry dishes are anyway.   Recipe: Beef With ...
16th September 2014

2 Quick Ways To Cook Ampalaya(Bittergourd)

The last time I went to the Oriental store a couple of weeks ago the lady hasn't assembled the ingredients for the Pinakbet pack which I always pick up because it has all the ingredients I need for my favorite Ilocano dish. It's a very convenient bag since I'm the only one who eats it in my family anyway. Considering each vegetable costs more that I'm willing to spend, the Pinakbet pack is just perfect ...
29th June 2014

Our First Grilling Day Of The Summer Season

For a while we thought our grill is broken so we haven't done any grilling for a long time. Early yesterday Scott tinkered with the grill, cleaned it up, and BAMM, it works. So we went to Wally world to get ingredients for our first grilling day of the summer season. We may or may not have gone overboard. It didn't help that we didn't eat lunch. Don't go to the grocery when you're hungry ...
10th June 2014

One-Pot Meal: Chicken & Kielbasa Sausage Fried Rice

Technically this is a One-WOK Meal since I used wok to cook this filling and delicious easy to make Chicken & Kielbasa Sausage Fried Rice. To properly time the ingredients you have to make two of them in advance. The baked chicken and the cooked rice. In the case of the cooked rice, it's better to have it cooked in the morning then leave the lid of the rice cooker open to let it cool ...
13th May 2014

Chicken In Ginger & Coconut Milk

The combination of ginger and coconut flavors from this chicken dish was delicious. I just wished I made white rice instead of the Knorr Thai Curry Rice that I thought would go nicely with this. The sauce would have been perfect with just plain rice. Oh well, lesson learned. Try making this Chicken In Ginger & Coconut Milk. Serve it with white rice, not any other 'flavored' rice. That's my important tip.   Recipe: Chicken In Ginger ...