13th January 2017

Red Potatoes & Chorizo Frittata

Am I obsessed with frittata? At this point I can honestly say, yes I am. Can you blame me? It's the easiest but most scrumptious breakfast or brunch dish anyone could make anytime. Make it for dinner too if you want. Here's my new frittata creation from this past weekend's brunch, Red Potatoes & Chorizo Frittata.   Recipe: Red Potatoes & Chorizo Frittata Ingredients 4 sm red potatoes(wash thoroughly) 1 link of chorizo sausage 2 strings of scallions, chopped 6 eggs 1/2 cup ...
17th November 2016

Bacon & Bleu Cheese Frittata

Bacon & Bleu Cheese Frittata

Scott was originally going to make bacon and bleu cheese omelet this past Saturday but along the way we agreed that bacon and bleu cheese frittata would be even better. My husband and I are bleu cheese fiends so we can pretty much eat anything with bleu cheese on it. And hello, BACON! Out of all the frittatas I've made so far, this is the best one yet!   Recipe: Bacon & Bleu Cheese Frittata Ingredients 4-5 pieces of ...
27th March 2015

Try This Salmon & Potatoes Frittata For Weekend Brunch

We enjoyed this Salmon & Potatoes Frittata for brunch last Saturday. Now it's your turn to make it and enjoy with your family this weekend too. It's very easy to make just like the other frittata recipes you can find in this blog. Do not worry about not having any leftover salmon fillets from the night before because the wild salmon in a can is perfectly fine.   Recipe: Salmon & Potatoes Frittata Ingredients 7 eggs, beaten 2 medium red ...
4th October 2011

Turkey Spam & Potatoes Frittata

Instead of slicing then frying up the Turkey Spam to go along with hash and eggs for breakfast this past Saturday, I decided to make a frittata instead. I was actually going to use tuna at first ala San Marino Chili Corned Tuna Frittata but I changed my mind in the end and used Turkey Spam. Yah, I like to change my mind at the last minute all the time. It brings excitement to my ...
14th March 2011

Feistycook VBlog #2: Potato-Bacon Frittata

    The husband was off this past weekend so that meant we were all home to have a nice breakfast/brunch in the morning. I made this quick potato-bacon frittata which came to me while I was still stretching in bed and trying to stay there for as long as I can. And because I was in a good mood, I decided to record a video of it too with the help of my son, as my ...
3rd January 2011

Onions & Shitake Mushrooms Egg Whites Frittata

I was going through my 2010 folders to check what dishes I haven't posted and I found the folder for Onions & Shitake Mushrooms Egg Whites Frittata. I don't remember when I made this but I know that the egg whites were from the impromptu custard dessert I made sometime last summer. I think I made this for dinner too. So if you have reserved egg whites, try to make a frittata. I think it's ...
3rd August 2010

San Marino Chili Corned Tuna Frittata

If you are not familiar with San Marino tuna brand, that's because you can only find it in the Philippines. Filipino stores all over the US don't sell it, YET. I think Dubai has them now but the main place of production is in the Philippines. A Canada-based good friend/resident writer for a Filipino Showbiz blog that I own recently visited the Philippines. San Marino Corned Tuna happens to be one of the product endorsements ...
28th April 2010

Salmon Tomatoes & Scallions Frittata

Frittata is one of the Family’s favorite for weekend brunch. I’ve made potato & bacon frittata, corned beef hash frittata and sometimes I used leftover meat or seafood from the night before as part of the filling. Here’s a salmon tomatoes and scallions frittata from the leftover pan-fried salmon.   INGREDIENTS: leftover salmon fillet, flaked 7 eggs 1/4 cup of cream (or milk) 2 sprigs of scallions, chopped 1 large tomatoes, chopped 3 cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped finely salt & pepper shredded cheddar cheese oil   Preheat ...
6th December 2008

Bacon and Potatoes Frittata

Bacon and Potatoes Frittata

Here's another version of frittata that my family loves for Weekend Breakfast. The day I posted the recipe for corned beef hash frittata, my husband saw my monitor and asked if we could have the same thing for breakfast the next day. That day happens to be Sunday so I happily obliged. I didn't have any corned beef hash, nor did we have any leftover meat in the fridge so I decided ...
25th October 2008

Corned Beef Hash Frittata

Corned Beef Hash Frittata

One of the favorites from our traditional weekend breakfast is this corned beef hash frittata. I don't always make just eggs, bacon and 'taters or pancakes. I like to turn leftover meats from the night before into breakfast the next day. Making a frittata out of them is one of the ways I come up with. In this case though, I didn't use leftover meat. I specifically bought a can of Hormel ...
19th January 2017

Chorizo And Leftover Cheeseburger Quesadilla

The Quesadilla night idea we had last week came after I was writing our dinner's menu in my kitchen chalkboard. Unless we're eating either pizza, spaghetti, tacos, or burgers, I always have to make something different for Emma. If this is your first time in this foodblog, my daughter has Autism and she's a bit of a picky eater. It's a texture thing. I get to be creative when it comes to her dinner combos. ...
23rd February 2012

Leftover Chicken, Salsa, & Green Onions Quesadilla

Besides fried rice, soup, or frittata, quesadilla is what I make to use up leftover meats. Just chopped up the meat, tomatoes, and green onions, then throw 'em on top of a flour tortilla, then bind everything together with shredded cheese on top, and another flour tortilla to finish it. In this quesadilla, I used the leftover southwestern chicken and salsa instead of fresh tomatoes. This is perfect for quick lunch or those weekend munchies ...
3rd October 2011

Cheesy-Garlic Bread

Cheesy-Garlic Bread

Instead of just making regular garlic bread, I decided at the last minute to use up the remaining shredded cheese from the frittata breakfast yesterday morning(will post that sometime this week) by sprinkling them on top of the bread before broiling it for a few minutes. It was a really good twist to the bread and everyone loved it. Cheesy, garlicky, and buttery bread, YUM! First of, there's only 4 in the family so I only ...
1st July 2011

Rotisserie Chicken Eggs & Cheese Sandwich

Food Lion had a buy-one-get-one-free sale on their rotisserie chicken that other day. They were cooking the new batches for the end of the day so the chicken that were cooked earlier in the day had to be put in the cold area to preserve and sell. We were actually going to wait a few more minutes for the new batches but the salesclerk said the already cooked yet cold chicken are on sale. ...
29th May 2010

Corned Beef Hash W/ Egg For Brunch

  Since I’m really not a breakfast eater during the week (weekends only with the family), my lunch is pretty much a brunch. When there are no leftovers I of course try to make something quick. One of the easy and fast brunch meal I love to make involves a can of corned beef hash and eggs. I try to make it more gourmet (hehe) by sautéing with tomatoes and scallions. ...