If you like working for yourself and enjoy ice cream and frozen yogurt, then consider opening your own frozen yogurt business. This is an endeavor that is often rewarding personally and financially. It’s a business that will allow you to talk to the customers and get to know their likes and dislikes. Since there isn’t a large variety of items that are sold, you likely won’t be spending as much money on your product as long as you keep the yogurt in stock.

There are a few tips to keep in mind before you open your frozen yogurt company. You could have a self-serve business or one that is full-service. This would mean that you scoop the flavor that the customers wants onto a cone or into a cup. You would also be responsible to adding toppings that the customer wants. With a self-serve business, the customer would use a handle to get the flavor that is desired before heading to a station that has toppings that are added by the customer. The only thing that you would really do is ring up the order and keep everything stocked.

Before you open the doors, you want to get all of the permits for the business. You will likely need a business license as well. Most of the paperwork that you will need can be obtained at the department of health or with a tax office. If not, then one of those offices can direct you to where you need to go to get the papers that you need.

Purchase the inventory that will get you through for a couple months anyway. You want to have several flavors to offer that you can change out at least once a month. Make sure you have all of the toppings arranged, keeping them as fresh as possible and at the right temperatures. Set up your tables and chairs and any outside seating that you want to offer. You also need to have a supply of cups, cones, napkins and other utensils that are used by the company and by the customers so that they can enjoy their frozen yogurt. Try to add a few decorations to make people feel like they can enjoy the environment while they are inside. Colors like teal and pink are good for an ice cream or frozen yogurt shop as they are bright and fun.

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