Food Lion had a Manager’s Special sale on meat a few days before Christmas. Scott found a really good deal on this prime rib and lamb roast. He made me pick which meat we were going to devour on Christmas Eve. It was basically a life and death decision because as much as I wanted prime rib I also wanted to eat lamb. To make it easier I suggested to stop eating meat and just turn vegetarian. Yeah know, for our healthy living and all that jazz juju, hardy har har. That did not go well at all. Let’s just say, “shut your mouth” were part of the words that came out of my husband’s mouth. HAHA! Don’t worry interwebs, it was HILARIOUS. I didn’t take offense to it. We don’t need to roast my husband on social media. I love him. We carnivores need to stick together. But I digress…..

Obviously we ended up picking prime rib. As it turned out, a few days before this trip to the grocery store I just LIKED a post on Tasty Facebook featuring a how-to-cook prime rib video. Who knew it was so easy to cook prime rib. Refer to my notes underneath the pictures.


I did a little different with my butter rub. I just used salt and pepper, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and just a little bit of spicy brown mustard. Steak slathered with mustard then grilled is delicious so I figured I’d add a little bit for the prime rib.


The video above said cook in 500°, 5 minutes per pound. My prime rib was 5.25 pounds and I cooked it 30 minutes in 500° heat then turned the oven off and let the meat rest inside the oven for 2 hours. The roast came out almost perfect but Scott and I thought it needed to cook a little bit longer. Maybe an extra 5 to 10 more minutes in cooking time before turning the oven off to let it rest for 2 hours. My advice for medium rare if you have almost 6 pounds roast, cook it for 40 minutes in 500°, turn if off, leave it in the oven for 2 hours. Or if you really prefer rare steak do as the video instructed which is 5 minutes per pound.


The video also shows the Au Jus gravy but Scott and I didn’t want that. I just strained the au jus then served some on the plate.


Our Christmas Eve Dinner: fried cauliflower, orange-honey glazed carrots, PRIME RIB, and mashed potatoes.



It was delicious!!!!

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