I found this Funnel Cake Kit at Walmart for $7.88. I was just really pointing at it to my husband but he grabbed and put it in the cart fast than you can say funnel. He insisted I said “I want one” when what I really said what, “oh look Babe a funnel cake kit.” He Said She Said, basically. Who really wanted to eat funnel cake so badly he supposedly heard his wife say “I Want.” UH HUH! Now why can’t that same scenario work when I say “I want those shoes?”

In any event, I made the funnel cakes and they were good. Now since I used a kit(and frankly being lazy right now), I’ll just tell you to get the same kit and follow the instructions given. It’s pretty self-explanatory. I’ll even provide the pictures so you’ll get an idea of how easy it is. The 2 things you’ll need that are not included in the kit are water for the batter and oil for drying.






One of these days I’ll make my homemade funnel cakes and I could use the cute pitcher for the batter. The metal ring is actually unnecessary. I could’ve fried 2 at a time if I didn’t use it. Although it’s still helpful though if you want to make big ones. The kit says you can make 8-10 funnel cakes but I made a huge thick one at first so I ended up making only 6 in different sizes. The taste? Good, of course.

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