More often than not asking children to to eat their veggies results in a pout, or worse, a tantrum. It would have been great if commercially-produced foods were nutritious but reality dictates the opposite.

Instead of force feeding your little one’s boiled broccoli, or reminding him every meal time how unfortunate other kids are to not have any food at all why not make meal times more fun by educating your little about foods from around the world. You could create themes which should be fun for both you and your little one.

Here are some healthy and tasty ideas to get you started:

German Golden Pretzel – German kids just love pretzel dipped in mustard, it goes down well as a treat. For a better-tasting version, you may opt for the one dipped in honey and mustard.

Chinese Peking Duck with Wheat Noodles – in a country as vast as China, it is expected that their cuisine is also as vast. In Beijing, one of the most sought out foods is Peking duck served with a  special sauce. Pair this with noodles made of wheat (which is widely grown in the region) and you’re in Chinese heaven!

Japanese Yakatori – this is a meal in Japan that is made of skewered beef or chicken chunks. Japanese kids love Yakatori served with sweet sauce such as that of teriyaki. For safety purposes, remove the meat from the skewer before serving.

Mexican Chicken Spinach Quesadillas – this popular Mexican dish is kid-friendly as it puts in all the ingredients that a parent would want her child to eat while not removing the fun in eating. Basically, it is tortilla filled with diced chicken, cheese and spinach. ‘Got any leftovers from last night’s chicken meal? You can use that as filling for this amazing meal.

Indian Samosas – if you think Indian dishes are too spicy for your little one, well, think again. Samosas is a dish that they can delight in. Made from mashed potatoes, peas and onions that are wrapped in dough; this fried food is simply astonishing.

Italian Panna Cotta – this is a popular Italian food that kids from all over the world already love. It is just like pudding with fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce so it is simply irresistible.

Greek Spanikopita – cheese and spinach are rolled into the buttery yet flaky phyllo dough. This is a marvelous way to introduce Greek food to your little ones. You may also serve Greek pizza which is pita bread topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese and other vegetables.

Cambodian Khmer Chicken Soup – this is a great Cambodian food choice for kids. It is soup made delectable with lemon, garlic and coriander.

Middle Eastern PB and J with a Twist (Using Pita Bread) – what kid would resist peanut butter and jelly sandwich? If you want to give it a Middle Eastern twist, use pita bread instead of the usual sliced bread.

Austrailas Iced Banana Cream – this dessert is straight from the Land Down Under. Australia’s Iced Banana Cream is mashed yellow bananas sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar, lemon and cream. When frozen for 4 hours, it is a treat that kids will truly love!        


Clare Ann is an aspiring nutritionist and guest posts on behalf of The New You Boot Camp. She is a nature lover and mother to 5 wonderful children. 

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