How’s your weather out yonder? It is bitterly chilly and cold here in NC and other States. I imagine most family are cranking up their heaters while bundling up as the pot or crock-pot is simmering either a soup or stew for lunch or dinner. I for one would love to enjoy a hearty bowl of my Mother-in-Law’s Manhattan Clam Chowder or Denny’s new England Clam Chowder (served on Fridays) or Beef Peppery Soup(Nilaga) or Pork Sinigang or Hot & Sour Soup right this moment.

I have a few soup and stew recipes in the archives that could serve us well as we enjoy the cold weather. I’ve listed them all below for easy access. Just click on the highlighted text to go to each of the recipe itself. Enjoy, please keep warm, and drive safely!

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