My husband discovered Hardee’s $5 Big Box Lunch yesterday. We like Hardee’s and we’ve eaten from their menu from time to time but I really didn’t know how long they’ve had this Big Box Lunch deal going on. So I Googled. wrote about it back in January so I guess it’s been around for a while this year.

In case you’ve never heard of Hardee’s $5 Big Box Lunch, here it is. 2 double cheese burgers, sm natural-cut fries, apple turnover, and 20oz soda.

Here’s the promo picture from Business Burger where it shows the box that should go with it. Ours were in the regular Hardee’s brown bag.

Compare it to the real 2 double cheese burgers, sm natural cut fries, apple turnover, and 20oz soda.

The size of the burgers were pretty spot on and the portion of fries is close too. There’s really no false advertisement, size wise, that could arise from the promo picture compare to the real big box lunch.

Speaking of size, I couldn’t eat both double cheese burgers. I saved the other one for my son to snack on after school. I also saved some of my fries with some of my daughter’s fries (she had a 2-piece chicken tenders meal). My son was so full from the burger + the fries that he actually did not eat dinner last night. The apple turnover is nothing special. I would pick Arby’s apple turnover any day. The natural-cut fries are good. I like how thick they are(thicker than McDonald’s) and they just have the right amount of salt. But because the 1 double cheese burger was filling, I couldn’t finish my fries.

$5 is definitely a great deal for all the stuff you’ll get. And almost everything from Hardee’s menu is pretty good in my opinion. But I’m sure we all know, or at least I hope we all know, that moderation is always the key. It’s most probably not a good idea to have Hardee’s Big Box for lunch everyday, unless you stretch it all the way to dinner. Just sayin’

This is NOT a sponsored post!

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