I can’t remember what cooking show my husband and I were watching a few days ago but when we were at the commissary we knew we wanted flank steak just like the one on the show. It looked really really good. Instead of making my own marinate like the grilled mojito flank steak I made during grilling season, I decided to try a Montreal southwestern marinade rub. It was easy, fast and Yummy.

The show I was talking about that I can’t remember grilled their flank steak which I also do during the summer but our gas grill needs a refill. Fret not, there’s a cooking method called broiling which gives that grilling effect as well. So that’s how I cook this flank steak. But first..


  • flank steak, thawed
  • half pack of the Southwestern marinade rub
  • drizzle of olive oil


Make sure your steak is thawed.

Lay the flank steak on a marinating pan. Drizzle olive oil on both side. Rub the each side with the southwestern marinade. Cover the pan/container. Store it in the fridge for about 3 to 4 hours.

You can grill this however you like your steak or broil it for about 10-15 minutes. Again, depends how you like your steak. My husband likes his steak medium rare. I like mine medium sine I’m cooking it, he has to eat medium :) . He gets medium rare when we’re having individual steaks. Well, I try to cook his steak that way anyway :) .

Once cooked, take it out of the broiler and let it sit for 5 minutes or so. You want the juices to stay on the steak.

After waiting a bit, cut diagonally. Serve with your choice of veggies (I made green beans with crispy garlic) and  lipton pasta sides or couscous.

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