The new edition of LaPiS touches on the theme COLORFUL. I originally planned on making some sugar cookies in different shapes using my 8 various cookie cutters that I bought from the $ store but today got so hectic and down right weird that my sugar cookies turned into thin shortbread chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t realize I’m out of flour. Ah, time to really hit the store and stock up the pantry again.

I had plans on decorating my cookies which would’ve been in shapes of bears, apples, hearts, flowers, butterflies, dogs, elephants and fishes with colorful frostings. But like I said, today just didn’t turn out how I wanted it to be. But all is well thanks to old pictures. I have a few to submit so I don’t know why I was sweating over it, heh.


Cupcakes with varied colorful cream cheese frostings.


My son’s 10th Birthday cake.


My daughter’s 2nd Birthday cake.

Colorful enough? Good :). Will do the sugar cookies some other time. Meanwhile check out more colorful entries from LaPiS.

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